Canada Express Entry Points Calculator for PR Visa

If you are a skilled worker who wants to work in Canada and become a permanent resident of this beautiful country, then you will have to apply for the Canada Express Entry Programme. Now one of the most important aspects of this system is the Canada Express Entry Points Calculator. If you seriously want to get the visa, then you have to put in your best efforts in order to get a high score so that your chances of getting a visa improve.

Understanding the Canada Express Entry points calculator:

Now this point’s calculator which plays a significant role in applying for Canada PR Visa is based on a number of factors. Some of the most important points of this Comprehensive Ranking System or the CRS system are your age. There is a minimum and maximum age requirement. Also one must have the right qualifications in order to apply for the visa. Besides right qualification it is important to have the right work experience. The points that you score will depend on your work experience as well. You need to have all the correct documents regarding your education and work experience. The human capital factors, common law partner factors, skill factors etc all are considered in this system.

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