Canada express entry from Delhi

Canada express entry from Delhi

It is not enough to just have the right qualifications and the right skills. It is equally important that you get the right opportunity in your career so that you can climb the ladder of success. One of the best ways for skilled professionals to progress in their career is by opting to work in Canada. Skilled professional can apply for Canada express entry from Delhi and from other major cities in the country. The express entry system is a point based system but keep in mind that this is one of the systems designed to help the right skilled professionals get the right job in Canada.

Understanding the basics of Canada express entry programme:

  • Before understanding how one can apply for the Canada express entry from Delhi or any other city in India it is important to get an idea about the basic concept of Express entry programme.
  • This programme was specially designed for skilled professionals who want to migrate to Canada and settle down there as permanent residents.
  • This is a point based system. The points are based on different factors like age, qualification, English language proficiency, skills of the applicant, professional experience etc.
  • What the candidate has to do is opt for an occupation from the skilled occupation list.
  • Then the applicant need to create a profile and must try to score as many points as possible in the Express entry system. Those with better rankings will have better chance of the getting an invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa of Canada.

Now there are some factors like age on which the candidate has no control. But the candidate must try to score more points in other areas. For example the candidate must try to get more marks in the English language proficiency test so that he can get more points in that factor. The candidate will have to get his skills assessed and submit the report for the same. It is important that the applicant keeps adding to his skills which will help him get more points. In this way the candidate has to find out appropriate ways and means to score more points and improve his rankings. The selected candidates will then get an invitation to apply for the Canada PR visa from the Canadian authorities. Once the candidate gets this invitation he needs to ensure that he submits the application for the PR visa within a certain stipulated time.

For more details contact IRA immigration for Canada express entry from Delhi:

If you are from Delhi and want to apply for Canada express entry from Delhi then you can get guidance from IRA immigration. They have experienced and qualified professionals who will help you understand all the details about express entry programme right from scratch. They will help you select the correct occupation from the skilled occupation list and will update you about how you can try and score more points in the express entry system which will improve your chances to get the invitation to apply for the PR visa.

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