Benefits of Electronic Travel authority Visa

Benefits of Electronic Travel authority Visa

For people who hold a passport of a certain country and wish to visit Australia for business reasons or as a tourist can always take Electronic Travel authority Visa Subclass 601 into consideration. The eligibility criteria for applying for this type of visa mainly depend on which country’s passport the applicant has and the purpose of the visit. The popularity of this visa is increasing because it offers a number of benefits to the tourist.

The long list of benefits of electronic travel authority visa:

If you will check with an immigration expert like IRA immigration you will realise that it is not only simple to apply for this type of visa, but also the processing time involved in getting the visa is much less as compared to other types of visas. The major benefit of Electronic Travel authority Visa Subclass 601 is that it lets you visit Australia as a tourist or for business purpose as many times as you want for a period of one year starting from the date the visa was issued. During each visit the person is allowed to stay for a maximum period of three months. In certain circumstances, one may even study in Australia for three months. A person who is visiting the country for business purpose with this visa can engage in general enquiries related to business and work, review or sign or negotiate business contracts, participate in conferences, trade fairs, seminars etc.

What are you waiting for? Get the details today from IRA immigration:

If you feel that this visa is just made for you then it is high time you get all the details about it from reputed immigration consultants like IRA immigration in Delhi. Keep in mind that along with holding a valid passport of a particular country you also need to fulfil other documentation requirements and formalities. These include character and medical certificate, proof of sufficient funds that are needed for survival during the applicants stay in Australia. The applicant also needs to prove to the authority that he has strong reasons to come back to his home country.

IRA immigration in Delhi will be able to provide you with the complete list of countries that are eligible for the Electronic Travel authority Visa Subclass 601. For all the queries regarding the paperwork and the visa processing cost and visa processing time you can consult IRA immigration as they have all the correct details and they will also be able to help you in applying for the ETA visa.

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