Apply For Canada Express Entry From Delhi

Apply For Canada Express Entry From Delhi

The express entry system of Canada was introduced in 2015 with the aim of simplifying the process and reducing the time it takes to apply for and get a Canadian permanent residency. The whole process is done through an online registration platform which helps simplify the steps taken by the applicant.

The express entry is a point based system which credits points to candidates based on the skills and qualification the candidate possesses. Then an aggregate is taken and the application enters a draw from which candidates with most points are selected to get Canada PR Visa.

The points-based system looks at the following factors.

  • Candidates age (25-30 is ideal).
  • Educational qualifications (the more the better).
  • Work Experience (2+ years will increase your chances).
  • Language proficiency in English (IELTS score of above 6.5 is considered good. Additionally, candidates with French language qualification get more CRS points).
  • Any other factors mentioned at the time.

Although these factors are great, you will need to have the job skills required in the express entry program to apply. Thousands of candidates apply for the express entry program every day. In order to cope with the flow of applications, only the best applications will be selected.
Indians have a particular liking for Canada with a large amount of Indians settled in Toronto and many other parts.

What kind of work experiences count?

This a question asked by several applicants hoping to apply for the express entry system. Some people say that if you have 3+ years of experience in a certain field, you will have great chances of getting a visa. However, if you happen to work in a bad company with an overall low reputation, the 3+ years of experience may count as invalid.
Generally, you will have to prove that you have gained the skillset through a particular job and an experience certificate from a good company will certainly boost your chances.

Apply for Canada PR Visa from Delhi.

Being the capital city, you couldn’t be at a better place to apply for PR than at Delhi. Delhi has a number of expert consultancies that would make your dream come true. But there is a flipside, being the capital most of the services providers ask for an exorbitant amount of fee for application processing and assistance.

There are only a small number of consultants providing quality services while maintaining the affordability factor. Such services are also sought after by people.

Affordable immigration services

The only immigration consultant that gives you a standard price all over India is IRA. IRA makes use of its global presence to provide service quality without increasing their charges.
With its team of global immigration experts, you will have better chances to move aboard if you happen to team up with IRA and its immigration experts. IRA’s quality first approach has enabled it to be the best option for Canada express entry form Delhi.
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