Apply for Australia evisitor subclass 651 Visa

Apply for Australia evisitor subclass 651 Visa

Australia is one country which people prefer to visit for several reasons which includes work and leisure. People who intend to travel to Australia for the dual purposes of work and leisure should make sure that they select the right visa category. If you are not sure about what type of visa you must apply then meet IRA immigration today as they will be able to help you with all the relevant details.

IRA will guide you in opting for the right visa category:

There are a number of different visa categories which a person can choose when they plan to travel to Australia. It is therefore better to consult IRA immigration as they will help you select the right visa category after taking into consideration the purpose of your visit to Australia. For some people they may need an Australian visa to meet someone in Australia or for a leisure trip which is combined with work commitment. For such people IRA will suggest the Australia evisitor subclass 651. The main reason that IRA will suggest this category is that this visa will let you travel to Australia for vacations, business and even for meeting your near and dear ones in Australia. One more reason that IRA will suggest this visa is if one intends to do a short term course of not more than three months in Australia. This is because this visa lets you study in Australia for 3 months.

IRA has the best team who can advise you on the Australia evisitor subclass 651 Visa procedure:

IRA team consists of the best workforce who has deep knowledge about the rules and regulations involved in the different visa categories of Australian visa. Like in the case of e-visitor visa the applicant needs to be of a particular nationality. You can get the precise list of these countries from IRA immigration. IRA will also help you with documents like medical and character certificates. They can also advise you on the funds requirement that you need to show in order to convince the visa officer that you will be able to support yourself and your family during your stay in Australia. It is this correct knowledge and the correct advice that they give to their clients which has made IRA immigration one of the most reputed and competent Immigration consultants in Janakpuri in New Delhi.

Planning to travel some of the topmost foreign countries? Just fix your appointment with IRA. Enjoy your immigration to Australia!

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