Apply Canada tourist visa from India

Apply Canada tourist visa from India

Canada is a beautiful and serene country which has attractions from almost all sectors like business, exports, tourists, employers and students. It is an ideal country for Indians to study and settle.

Canada being an advanced nation with a strong economy attracts business men and employers from different parts of the world. The government policies in Canada are open to public and there are no hidden discrepancies whatsoever. Also, living standards in Canada are of sophisticated standards and people respect each other. Tourism is always on the higher scale in Canada due to scenic beauties and different adventure sports that are available.

Requirements to visit Canada on a tourist visa

It is very essential to know the basic requirements and documents required for a Canada tourist visa. A valid passport and travel document is needless to mention. Apart from the individual should be in a good health status. The immigration officer should be convinced that the visit is solely for tourism purpose and there are no plans to settle in the country. This is because there are immigrations applications pending in the hundreds for settlement in Canada. The officer should be aware of the individual’s family, property which acts as an incentive to return back to the homeland.

Financial situation should be not be hidden when applying for a Canada tourist visa. It is very important to plan the budget, according to the current financial situation of the individual. The immigration officer should be aware of the accommodation facilities, whether the stay would be at a hotel or at an acquaintances’.

Contact IRA immigration

For Canada tourist visa application, there are lots of documentation that is involved along with different questions presented by the immigration officer. The individual alone is not able to handle the documentation process since that requires in depth knowledge from the experts from the sector. Each country has its own set of documentation and visa process and people at IRA have sound knowledge about the same. The person at IRA immigration first verifies the documentation and then proceeds with the application for the visa. The experts there make sure that the individual does not have to come again and again for the documentation purpose and solves the issue in one go.
If you wish to have a hassle free tour of Canada with minimum work load of Canada tourist visa application, you must contact IRA immigration at the earliest.

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