Canada PR from India

Canada PR from India

Canada is a country, most preferred by Indians for permanent resident status. The reasons are simple; high employment rate, better education, class apart infrastructure and most importantly gender equality. Living in Canada is better since it is a well developed country with a rapidly growing economy. The country has a lot to offer apart from good jobs. The country also has a wonderful tourism strategy. There are more than 15 heritage sites in Canada.
For permanent resident status Canada is the most suitable country due to its flexible immigration policies, career opportunities, Indian communities and democratic value.

Canada PR Visa from India

The permanent resident visa does not entitle the applicant the status of Canadian citizenship, but the visa allows the applicant to stay and work in the country.

Benefits of Canada PR from India

Being a Canada permanent resident visa you can:
  1. Live, study and work anywhere in Canada
  2. Apply for Canadian citizenship
  3. Avail health benefits and various social benefits that a Canadian citizen enjoys
  4. You are protected under the Canadian law.

Important documents required to file Canada pr from India

  1. Sufficient funds to support the application
  2. Educational Credential Assessment
  3. Originals and copies of documents supporting the applicant.
  4. Language Assessment Test
  5. Additional fees
  6. Documents based on the visa category

How to get Canada pr from India?

There are various pathways that can lead you to your prized possession.  A few programs are:
  1. Provincial Nominee Program
  2. Quebec Skilled Workers Program
  3. Start-up visa
  4. Sponsorship programs
  5. Self-employed persons program
  6. Skilled Immigrants Program (Also called express entry program)

Canada immigration at IRA

IRA immigration is known for its services in the field of Canada permanent resident visa. At IRA it is believed that every individual has its own set of enquiries and they should receive customised services. The main objective of IRA immigration consultancy is the attitude towards its customers. There are different teams set up for different countries. This is because different countries have different immigration policies and employees of IRA should be well versed with the same. The procedure begins with understanding the requirement of the applicant and then suggesting what’s best for him/her. The documentation collection is the next step which is followed by filling up the application form for immigration to Canada. Experts at IRA make sure that the rejection does not occur due to incomplete documentation or irrelevant visa category.

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