A look Into The Canada PR Visa Requirements

A look Into The Canada PR Visa Requirements

Canada is the right place for skilled professionals. There are a number of good career opportunities in Canada. This is also the place where you will find a good quality of life. This is the main reason that a large number of aspirants want to know about Canada PR Visa requirements.

An insight into why you must become a permanent resident of Canada:

Before understanding the details about Canada PR Visa requirements, let us check why you must become a permanent resident of Canada.

  • You get good quality life
  • The people here are friendly
  • The rules and regulations are immigrant friendly
  • The law and order situation is good
  • Stable economy with plenty of good job opportunities for skilled and semi skilled workers
  • Safe country
  • Good healthcare facilities
  • Good education facilities

Now have a look at benefits that the permanent resident gets!

Before checking out the Canada PR Visa requirements, you must look at the benefits of PR.

  • The permanent resident can work, stay and study anywhere in Canada.
  • The permanent resident can stay for as long as he wants in Canada. He needs to renew his PR card at regular intervals
  • Medical and social benefits
  • Protection under the Canadian law
  • Chance to apply for citizenship of Canada.

Canada PR Visa requirements:

It must be noted that there are a number of different categories for the PR visa of Canada. Some of the categories are as follows:

It must be noted that each of these programmes will have their own specific requirements that the candidate needs to fulfil.  There are some Canada PR Visa requirements which are common for most of the categories. These are as follows:

  • The candidate needs to have proficiency in English and/or French language. The candidate needs to give language test score results for the same.
  • The candidate has to submit proof of funds. This has to be given in order to convince the visa authorities that the candidate has enough funds to support himself and his dependents during his stay in Canada.
  • If the candidate has a qualification from a foreign university then he needs to submit an Education Credential Report.
  • The candidate needs to gets his skills assessed through an authorised body. This authorised body will then give a skills assessment report. This has to be submitted along with the visa application.
  • All other documents and certificates like medical certificate, police verification certificate etc needs to be submitted by the candidate

For more details about the Canada PR Visa requirements the candidate can get in touch with a reputed immigration consultant.

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