Work Permit for Canada – a stepping stone for PR

Work Permit for Canada – a stepping stone for PR

If you are looking for better work opportunities on a foreign land then one of the best options that are available at your disposal is work permit for Canada. When you plan to apply for this kind of visa the most important document that you must have is the offer letter from a company in Canada that is recognized by Labour Market Impact assessment. The work permit visa also helps in getting permanent residency in Canada after fulfilling some formalities. With this visa, you can work in Canada for up to four years and after that, you have to apply for the visa again or go for PR.

The criteria for the work permit

Before you apply for the work permit for Canada, make sure that you fulfill the following requirements:

  • The first and foremost document that you should have is the job offer from a company recognized by the Labour Market Impact.

  • You should have funds at your disposal that are enough to support you and your dependents in Canada while you are staying there. The amount should be convincing enough for the visa authorities so that they can process the application further.

  • You should have a clean background so that you can convince the visa authorities that you will come back to your home country before your Work Permit for Canada

  • You will be asked to attach a medical certificate and police verification certificate with the application.

Benefits of Work Permit Visa for Canada

There are a lot of benefits attached to this visa. Some of them are:

  • You can stay in Canada for up to four years.

  • You can sponsor your dependents and family for Canada. They can either work of study while staying in Canada.

  • This visa will be your stepping stone for the PR visa of Canada.

How to apply for PR while on a work permit?

The government of Canada runs a program called Express Entry System under which you can speed up the PR process based on your The Comprehensive Ranking Score or CRS. The usual requirement for this score is much higher in comparison to the score accepted for Express Entry System. Thus, it is the best way to apply for PR while you are working in Canada. There are some other programs via which you can apply for PR as well such as Provincial Nominee Programs and Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

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