Why you should migrate to Canada

The Canadian government has recently introduced a multi immigration plan that aims to admit close to 1 million immigrants by the year 2020. The newly adopted plan also aims at bringing at least 300,000 immigrants by the end of 2018.

This brings new hope to Indians who are planning to migrate to North America. Ever since the issues with the H1 visa for the US, there has been a good amount of applicants for Canada permanent residency.

The Canadian government has recognized this need and are planning to bring educated professionals to their country to fill in for skills that are not abundant.

The Canadian government also helps in laying emphasis on family reunification for which is a plus for every applicant.

What makes Canada great?

A safe and sound community

The crime rate in Canada is going down year by year. It is now among the countries with the lowest crime rates in the world. Gun ownership in Canada is also 4 times less than that of its neighbors.

Great Educational System

Canada values education more than anything, and children receive the best schooling available. Immigrants also get opportunities to admit their children in top schools. Education can also be free in some cases up until high school.

A stable and growing economy.

The financial benefits you receive in Canada cannot be underestimated. Although Indian are lured by the great living conditions and Education systems, there is no denying that they are flocking to this country because of the financial benefits.

The Canadian economy is very strong; The Canadian banking system is fundamental for this stability. This stability is what enables Canada to give its citizens a good quality of life.

A good economy also improves the chances of getting employment in various fields.

World class health care.

Canada is world renowned for its healthcare facilities. The best thing is, most of the treatment is free. Based on your visa, you will receive a health card. This will help you avoid the huge costs for medical treatment.

Each province is given a health budget and it can administer this budget locally.

The great outdoors.

Canada is home to stunning countrysides and forests. Arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Canada is a haven for people who like the winters. Snow is abundant and last most of the year.

Thousands of adventure lovers flock to Canada every year to enjoy skiing, trekking and hiking on offer

Selecting a Canada Immigration Visa consultancy in India

One of the first things that Indians think of planning to migrate would be to go to an immigration consultancy. But they all forget to check the quality of service on offer.

Most consultancies are a nightmare once you apply. While the choices on offer might be very high, experienced consultancies are your best bet.

However, professional service providers ensure a smooth experience, Immigration consultants like IRA rank among the top Canada immigration consultancy in India.

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