Why start the Express Entry process in 2021?

You have always wanted to move to Canada for good but you were not sure when to apply? Well for skilled workers who wanted to apply for the Canada Express Entry process must do so right away.

What makes 2021 the right time to apply for the express entry programme?

Due to the pandemic, some of you may not be sure if you must apply for the express entry programme this year or whether you must wait for a few months. Well, here we would like to point out that Canadian authorities are planning to welcome 401,000 immigrants this year. Of this one quarter will be through the Canada Express Entry process. So, the right time to apply for this express entry system is 2021.

So, how do you apply for the express entry programme?

  • You have to first check in the CRS calculator if you are scoring at least 67 points. If you score 67 points or more then you are eligible to apply for the express entry system.

  • Eligible candidates will have to create the express entry profile online and points will be given to the profile based on different aspects like age of the candidate, education, language proficiency test skills, etc.

  • The candidate has to try and score as many points as possible because based on the number of points the profile of the candidate will be given a ranking. Higher the ranking better will be the chances of the candidate getting selected in the express entry draw, which is held at regular intervals. 

  • The candidates who are selected in the express entry draw will receive the Invitation To Apply. Once the candidate gets the invitation to apply he has to make sure that he applies along with all the documents within the turnaround time.

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