Who is eligible for express entry to Canada?

The Canada Express Entry program is a point-based programme. There are three visa categories under this programme :

The most popular programme is the Federal Skilled Worker programme which is for skilled foreigners who want to settle down in Canada.

Let us check the eligibility criteria for the express entry system:

• The candidate has to be proficient in English and/or French language and he will have to submit his language proficiency test scores for the same. The score has to fulfil the requirement of the Canadian Language Benchmark.
• The candidate will require Canadian and/or foreign work experience in one of the occupations listed in the National Occupation Classification list
• The work experience of the candidate is also an important aspect
• In the Canada FSW program the education of the candidate is also very important
• A valid job offer can also boost the chances of the candidate who is applying for FSW but this is mandatory for the candidate who is applying under the Federal Skilled Trades programme.

Here is what the candidate needs to do!

• The eligible candidate has to first create his express entry profile
• Now the profile will be given points based on different aspects. These are age, education, work experience, language proficiency, etc.
• The candidate has to try and score as many points as possible because the profile of the candidate will be ranked based on the points that he scores. More the number of points higher will be the ranking and higher will be the chances of the candidate to get selected in the express entry draw.
• The candidates who are selected in the express entry draw will be sent an invitation to apply for the PR visa for Canada.
• Once the candidate gets the ITA then he has to submit his PR visa application form along with all the relevant documents.

Why you will need assistance from Canada Immigration consultants?

The overall process of the express entry system is long and confusing. The candidate who is applying for the first time is bound to get confused. Also if there are mistakes in the application then the processing of the application will take a long time and sometimes the visa authorities may even reject the application. In such cases, the candidate will have to reapply. This will mean the loss of time as well as money.

One of the easiest ways to avoid all this is by choosing a reputed visa and immigration company that has expertise in Canada immigration. The Canadian immigration consultants will be able to guide the candidate in the best possible way and they will help the candidate complete all the formalities correctly.

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