What Should Be The IELTS Score Or Bands To Immigrate To Canada With A Canada PR Visa?

What Should Be The IELTS Score Or Bands To Immigrate To Canada With A Canada PR Visa?

One of the most important factors that are considered in the case of immigration to Canada is the IELTS test scores. The IELTS score is to determine the proficiency of the English language of the candidate.
English and French are the official languages of Canada. For a person to apply for the Canada PR Visa proficiency in one or both the languages is a must.

Details about the IELTS test:

This is a recognised education test. It is managed by the British Council, Cambridge Assessment English and IDP. The proficiency of the person is determined by checking the band scores. There are 9 bands. Band 1 indicates non-user and 9 indicates an expert user. In this test the English reading, listening, writing and speaking skills of the candidate are tested.

IELTS Band score to immigrate to Canada:

  • Skilled workers can apply through the Canada express entry programme
  • For this programme the test score has to be band 6 and more. The Canadian Language Benchmark for the English language is 7. The candidate can get the CLB score of 7 if he gets band 6 in reading, writing, speaking and listening categories.
  • The candidate has to keep in mind that he has to try and score as many points as possible in the express entry programme. But it is not possible to score well in all factors for example factors like age etc. 
  • Therefore, the candidate has to focus on other important things like language test scores. If the candidate gets higher points then he will get a higher ranking in the express entry system. This will increase the chances of the candidate to be selected for applying for the Canada PR visa

Details about the IELTS test can be confusing:

It can be very confusing for a person to understand all the details about the test. He may not know how to prepare for the exam. He may not know when the exams are scheduled every year. He may not have an idea about the exam fees etc.

Instead of getting confused the candidate must connect with a good immigration specialist who has complete knowledge about the different things about Canada visa. One of the best visas and immigration agents is IRA immigration. This is because:

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Approach IRA immigration at the earliest:

  • If you want to apply for the Canada visa then you must contact IRA immigration
  • They will study your profile and they will let you know about the visa category that has to be selected
  • They will tell you the formalities that have to be completed. They will also tell you about the documents that have to be submitted
  • If you have to appear for any exam like English or French proficiency test then they will provide complete assistance in that as well.
  • They will provide all the assistance that is needed to help you successfully apply for any type of Canadian visa.

You can try to apply for a visa on your own. But keep in mind that if you make any mistake then your application will be rejected. You will then have to reapply for the visa. This can be a frustrating thing. Therefore, it is better to contact the IRA immigration. Their experts will provide all the assistance that you need. Whether it is applying for the visa or appearing for the exams or details about the IELTS band score you can rely on IRA immigration. Get in touch with them right away. They have a very high success rate and hence many people always prefer to get in touch with IRA immigration for Canadian immigration.

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