What Questions Do Canadian Immigration Officers Ask?

What Questions Do Canadian Immigration Officers Ask?

One of the crucial parts of the Canada immigration process is the interview. One never knows what Canada immigration questions will be asked by the immigration officer. The aspirant must clear the interview round else, his visa application can get rejected.

What questions can one expect from the immigration officer?

  • Now one cannot predict what questions the immigration officer will ask. It can be just about anything.
  • The questions will mostly be around the visa category that the applicant has selected.
  • Some of the common questions are why do you want to move to Canada? Are you travelling with your family? Can you give details about your financial status? Can you give details about your education?
  • There may be questions about Canada as well. There have been instances where questions about Canada have also been asked like what are the famous personalities of Canada? Can you name some Canadian provinces and cities?
  • They may also ask questions like if you have any acquaintances in Canada or what is the cost of living in Canada etc.

Few important things to keep in mind when you are going for the interview:

  • First of all, make sure that you dress up well and formally when you go for the interview.
  • Carry all the important documents along with you at the time of the interview
  • Relax and do not get nervous
  • Make sure that you give correct information. Do not tell any lies. Also if you have no idea about certain questions then be honest but do not bluff.

Need tips for the interview? Then here is what you need to do!

  • You want to get some good tips and advice for your interview? Then you should get in touch with one of the best visa and immigration consultants who has years of experience in the visa and immigration industry.
  • The best experts will help the candidate complete all the formalities of the immigration process and will also explain the details about the visa interview. They will give tips on how to prepare for the interview and how to ensure that you clear the interview.
  • But all this is possible only if you choose one of the best visa and immigration agencies like IRA immigration.

But why only IRA immigration?

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When you approach IRA immigration, they will check your profile and will help you select the correct visa category for which you are eligible. They will explain the formalities of that visa category and will help you complete the same in the best possible way. So if you want to know the details like Canada immigration questions or documents that have to be submitted along with the visa application form or have any other questions about the Canada immigration process then connect with IRA immigration.

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