What Is The Process Of PNP In Canada?

What Is The Process Of PNP In Canada?

If Canada is your ultimate destination where you would settle down for good then you must consider Canada PNP. This is the Canada Provincial Nominee Programme. But for this make sure that you know the complete details for the same.

This is how the Canada PNP works!

  • Every province has its specific programme. This is designed keeping in mind the labour requirements of the province
  • Those aspirants who are willing to settle down in that province and have the skills and education to contribute towards the economic development of a particular province can apply for the PNP of the province
  • It must be noted that every province has different immigration streams that target particular groups like students or entrepreneurs etc.

Now this is how you apply!

  • Every province will naturally have its immigration programmes and different streams. The application process for each stream will be different.
  • One can apply as a non express entry candidate and one can also apply as the express entry candidate.
  • In the case of non express entry candidate they have to first check if they are eligible to apply.
  • Then they have to submit their application for nomination to the province. 
  • Eligible candidates will be given the nomination and they then have to apply to the IRCC for the Canada PR visa.
  • In the case of express entry candidates they will first have to create the express entry profile.
  • Then the candidate will have to submit his application for nomination by a particular province
  • If the candidate is eligible then he will be nominated by the province. Once an express entry candidate gets the nomination then he will get 600 additional points. This will almost ascertain his selection in the express entry draw.
  • It must be noted that the visa processing time in the case of non express entry applications is more as compared to the express entry applications.

Always better to take consultation from the best Canada PNP Consultants:

The overall process of PNP is very confusing. There are so many provinces, each province has its streams and every stream has its procedure. Therefore, it is always better to consult a good consultant who has years of experience in this field. The consultant will check the profile of the candidate and will advice the candidate and will help him select the right province and the right stream.

Check with IRA Immigration about the PR visa process for Canada:

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