What Is The Difference Between Immigration lawyer And Immigration Consultant?

What Is The Difference Between Immigration lawyer And Immigration Consultant?

You may have heard 2 terms in the case of visas and immigration. One is an immigration lawyer and the second is Immigration Consultants. Now are these both the same? Or are they different? We are sure you will want to know this. So let us check what makes them different.

So who is an immigration lawyer?

Now, this is a person who has attended law school and has studied to become a lawyer. He will naturally have a better understanding of all the legal aspects of immigration. If a visa application is brought under judicial review then you will need the help of an immigration lawyer.

Who is an immigration consultant?

This person will not have a degree in law. He has to complete a one-year certification in order to be registered as an immigration consultant. This person can provide you all the assistance but he cannot represent you in legal matters.

What will be the difference in the services offered by the immigration lawyer and consultant?

The services offered by the immigration lawyer and Best Immigration consultants are almost similar. But there is one difference. Immigration lawyers have the authority to represent the candidate in federal court for complicated cases. On the other hand, the consultant can be with the candidate only up to the tribunal level in case there is an issue with the application.

For visa and immigration services choose a good visa and immigration company:

If you need assistance for visa and immigration services then there is no need to choose an immigration lawyer. You can always opt for an immigration consultant who has proven expertise in visa and immigration.

But it is important that you choose only the best immigration expert. So when you are choosing an immigration expert keep in mind some important things.

  • First of all, choose only the best immigration consultant who has years of experience in this field.
  • Secondly, choose an immigration expert who has an experienced team of experts who are well versed with the immigration rules and regulations.
  • Check the success rate of the immigration expert. The best immigration companies will normally have a very high success rate.

This is how an immigration expert will assist you:

  • When you approach a visa consultancy they will first check the profile of the client.
  • Next, the expert will check if the candidate is eligible to apply for the visa. If the candidate is not eligible then the expert will give his honest opinion in this regard.
  • If the person is eligible for the visa then the expert will give the details about the procedure. He will also guide the candidate so that he can complete the procedure without any problems.
  • The expert will also help the candidate to complete all the documentation formalities correctly
So if you have immigration on your mind then you need to ensure that you select one of the best Immigration Consultants. In the case of legal matters in the Federal Court, you will need help from an Immigration lawyer.

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