What are the Requirements for Canada Tourist Visa?

What are the Requirements for Canada Tourist Visa?

A large number of tourists visit Canada every year. Any visa expert will tell you that every year a large number of applications are received for travelling to Canada as a tourist. There are a number of reasons that people want to travel here. For some it is a family vacation while some go to Canada for business and there are some who go to Canada to visit their near and dear ones who are settled in Canada. Whatever the reason the main thing is that you need to know the Canada Tourist Visa Requirements as one will have to apply for the tourist visa.

The requirements of Canada tourist visa:

One of the most important requirements for applying for the tourist visa to Canada is to have a valid passport and all the valid travel documents. The person also needs to have a good health for which he will have to provide a medical certificate. It is also important to provide a character certificate in order to prove that the person has a good moral character. The applicant should also have proof of funds in order to show that he or she can survive in Canada during the visit to this country. The applicant should also be able to convince the authorities that he or she has enough reasons to come back to his home country. The applicant must also be able to convince the authorities that he or she will come back to the home country before the expiry of the visa. In some cases the Canada Tourist Visa Requirements may also include the letter of invitation and temporary permanent visa which will depend on the citizenship of the applicant.

Some of the fascinating things about Canada:

If you are in two minds about whether you should go to Canada as a tourist then here are some of the things about this wonderful country. It has a strong economy and state of the art infrastructure and facilities. The people here are friendly. It has some really amazing places for sightseeing and shopping.  If you want to visit this beautiful place, then you can submit your application for a tourist visa. You have the option of online submission of application and offline submission of application.

For the detailed procedure contact IRA immigration:

If you have plans to visit Canada then besides applying for the visa there are a number of other important things that you have to do. In that case it will be better if you opt for IRA immigration who will take care of your visa formalities. They will update you about the online and the offline format to submit the application. They will also tell you about all the documents that are needed and the exact Canada Tourist Visa Requirements. They will guide you in every possible way in order to ensure that your visa application is processed in time. Get in touch with IRA immigration and get all the details about the formalities for the Canada tourist visa.

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