What Are The Chances Of Getting Canada Student Visa?

What Are The Chances Of Getting Canada Student Visa?

Studying in Canada is a very common notion amongst the students. More than one lakh international students choose to study in Canada. This is mainly because of the high-quality education system and also endless possibilities and vibrant culture. It is also important to know how difficult it is to get a student visa in Canada. Until you do not know about the Canadian student visa, you cannot fulfill all your dreams. Let’s try to understand the entire process of getting a visa. 

Applying for a college

The first step would be applying to a Canadian university and getting the acceptance letter. If you are still not sure which university you want to go to, do your bit of research and apply to that university. After you get the acceptance letter, now you know that you need to start your visa application process. After being accepted at the university, the letter of acceptance that you get will be the best for your visa.

The next step would be to check whether you have to apply for a visa or not: 

You can use the official study permit tool, which is given out on the website of the government to figure out whether you need a study visa or a permit. You do not need a Study Visa if- 

  • You are a family member of a foreign representative in Canada.
  • You enrolled in a programme, which lasts less than six months.
  • You are a member of the visiting forces act.
  • You are a citizen of another country but you have Indians status, which is registered in Canada. 

Now you need to start your application process for the Canada student visa: 

As soon as you get the acceptance letter from your university, you need to proceed to Next step, which is applying for the visa. This is called applying for the study permit. You need to apply online before you arrive in Canada. Send the Visa application documents by post if you do not have a good internet connection. Provide an acceptance letter from the college. You need to deliver proof of all the financial resources you have to support your studies in Canada. You need to give proof confirming that you have no criminal record and need to submit all your medical history.

Prepare all documents for your Visa

Prepare a student permit application form, the original letter of acceptance, valid passport copy, passport size photographs, proof of financial support, a letter of intent, and approval that you have paid the permit fees. 

Have the right language requirement

You need to prove that your English language schools are perfect. If you come from an English-speaking country, Canadian universities will require you to submit proof of English language proficiency. For this, you need to give a test for English.

Summing Up

This entire process is very troublesome and can lead to a lot of confusion. You need to hire the right kind of consultant, which will help you in every step and will make sure that the entire process gets carried out in a very smooth manner. IRA is the best when it comes to any kind of visa in Canada! 

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