What are the benefits of Immigration to Canada from India?

What are the benefits of Immigration to Canada from India?

Immigration to different countries is increasing in India. People give preference to countries which will give them a good quality life and an opportunity to make a good career. This is the reason that Immigration to Canada from India has increased in the past few years. In fact, it is said that Canada is one of the best countries to live.

The immense benefits of immigrating to Canada:

This is the country which not only offers a good quality life, but it is also one of the strongest economies in the world. The infrastructure is very good. Skilled workers have plenty of opportunities to make a flourishing career. The benefits that the permanent residents enjoy are also one of the reasons that the Immigration to Canada from India is increasing by the day. The permanent residents can live, work and study anywhere in Canada. They also get a number of medical and social benefits and they also get protection under the Canadian law.

Easy way to migrate to Canada:

The Canadian government has come up with the Express entry programme which makes it very easy for the skilled workers to get a permanent resident visa. This is a point based system in which the person needs to fill up an online express entry profile where he needs to give details about the profession, skills etc. The candidate has to try and score maximum points. The more the number of points better will be the chances to get the permanent visa. The candidate needs to submit an expression of interest. All those applicants who have scored well will then get an invitation from the Canadian government to apply for the permanent resident visa. The candidate needs to submit the form and all the other documents for the visa within a stipulated time interval.

This is not the only visa category that Canada has. There are a number of other visa categories and people need to apply for the visa depending on the criteria that they fulfil and the reason for which they want to move to Canada,. A number of other factors like the education of the candidate, his language skills, his medical records, his moral certificate etc are considered and only if everything is fine then the visa is given to the person.

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There are a number of things that need to be considered while applying for the visa for Canada. Every visa category will have its own terms and conditions which need to be fulfilled. It is therefore important to approach a reliable consultant who is well versed with all the requirements of Immigration to Canada from India. In Delhi the best immigration consultant is IRA immigration. They have one of the best teams who are well aware about all the requirements and procedures of migrating to Canada from India. So, if you wish to move to Canada, but do not know how to go about it then you must consult IRA immigration.

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