Want to Visit USA – Apply USA Tourist visa

Want to visit Uncle Sam? Why not! After all it is one of the most happening places in the World. US- the country which has so much power and effervescence is one of the most preferred tourist destinations. So apply for a USA Visit Visa through immigration specialist like IRA immigration so that you can visit this wonderful place.

Everything that you need to know about USA B1/B2 visa:

When we talk about US visa for visiting the place, then you need to opt for B1/B2 visa. One must keep in mind that different activities are permitted under the B1/B2 USA Tourist visa. For example B1 visa is mainly for business visits, attending business, education and scientific conferences, for negotiating real estate contracts etc, whereas the B2 visa is for holidays and tourism, visiting family and friends, medical treatments etc. Normally B1/B2 visa is given as a combined visa. In order to get a better idea about the different visas you must contact a good visa and immigration service provider. Take the example of IRA immigration which is located in Janakpuri in Delhi. Immigration consultants like IRA are normally able to furnish complete details about the different visa categories. Based on the purpose of visit they can help you understand which visa you must apply for.

Here’s how you need to apply:

When you decide to apply for the USA Visit Visa, keep in mind that there is a long list of formalities that need to be completed. One of the most important things is to fill up the DS-160 visa form. Remember that the print out of this form along with the barcode has to be retained right till your trip. So make sure that you do not misplace it. Submission of photograph, payment of visa fees on time, scanning of applicant’s fingerprints etc are mandatory processes. Even the visa interview is a very crucial aspect and how you manage it will also decide on the fate of your visa. The procedure seems to be long and complicated. But when consultants like IRA immigration come into picture these things become rather easy. They will explain the procedure in detail and will ensure that you complete the formalities properly so that the question of rejection of your visa does not arise. We all have heard time and again that visa norms for US are pretty strict but that does not mean that it is going to be very difficult to get a tourist visa provided you approach good consultants of the calibre of IRA.

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