Visa and immigration service provider in Delhi

Visa and immigration service provider in Delhi

If you are a student who is aspiring to study abroad or if you are a employee in India and want to work abroad and settle there, IRA is one stop for you. IRA immigration services are the best Visa and immigration service provider in Delhi that has a vast experience in providing visas for countries like Canada, Australia, Germany and many more.

IRA: Customer Satisfaction

Each candidate that visits IRA has never left unsatisfied. This is because of the efficiency and accuracy of the team. The expert guidance and support is provided only after thoroughly going through the candidate’s requirement and qualification.
One of the major obstacles in immigration is the amount of documentation required. IRA takes care of the minute detail of the documentation and keeps a check list for the documents that are essential for the immigration procedure.

Highly competent team

There are different teams dedicated to different countries that are fully aware of the visa and documentation formalities required. The countries include Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Denmark, Hong Kong and many more. Guidance for temporary visa and permanent visas are also available along with advice on the requirements that need to be fulfilled after one obtains the PR status of a particular country.

Why choose us?

Just because the quality is top-notch doesn’t mean IRA charges exorbitant price. Being the number one Visa and immigration service provider in Delhi, IRA believes in providing the best in the best price. The rate at IRA is competitive. The main of IRA is customer satisfaction. Competitive rates, customer relationship value and customer centric attitude has made the company to be the best in its sector.

IRA Assistance

As mentioned, IRA has different teams for different countries, each team has members having expert knowledge and via and immigration formalities of the respective country. It is because of the expert guidance and support that many candidates have successfully settled in abroad and many are now studying outside India. The team follows and notices even the slightest change in the documentation so that the candidate experiences a hassle free procedure of visa application and immigration procedure. The experts at IRA leave no stone unturned in fulfilling the candidates desire of living or studying abroad and due to the effort, many have successfully gained the citizenship of countries like Canada, Denmark, UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa.

Free Immigration Assessment

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