Tourist visa for Canada

Tourist visa for Canada

So you have finalised the location for your international holiday and have decided to visit the scenic Canada. Good! This is truly a superb choice. Now for the more serious and important part of your vacation and that is applying for a Canada tourist visa. Your vacation plans cannot move further if you do not have the visa. To make things easier there are a number of good visa consultants in major cities. For example, in Delhi, the most reputed consultation company is IRA immigration who will be able to give you all the details about visiting Canada.

The basics of a tourist visa to Canada:

As in the case of most visa applications,  also has some formalities that one needs to complete. According to immigration consultants IRA immigration the important documents that one will need to submit include passport, travel documents, medical certificate, character certificate etc. In addition to these documents, the applicant has certain other criteria to be fulfilled. The most crucial is that of proof of funds. According to IRA immigration, it is mandatory for the applicant to provide proof of funds. This is in order to convince the visa authorities that the applicant will be able to support himself during his stay in Canada. If it is a family vacation that you have planned then it is important that you are able to convince the visa authorities that you have enough funds to support your entire family during your stay in Canada. It is equally important that the applicant is able to prove that he has enough strong reasons to come back to his country before the visa expires. According to IRA immigration, only on completion of these entire formalities one can get a tourist visa to Canada.

So keep in mind that applying for Canada tourist visa needs some advance planning. It is not just about submitting documents but it also involves collecting proof that you have sufficient funds etc. Now, this is going to take time. So it is important that you plan such trips well in advance so that you have plenty of time to collect all the documents. In order to make things simple, it is better to approach visa consultants like IRA immigration consultants in Delhi. When you take the services of these visa consultants you will get all the assistance and they will also help in coordinating with different departments etc. Enjoy your vacation in Canada but for that first apply for the tourist visa to Canada.

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