Top 7 Benefits Of Australian PR Visa

Top 7 Benefits Of Australian PR Visa

IRA immigration is one of the best visa consultants in the country. The company deals with immigration cases to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Germany and many more countries. 8 Years of experience and high standards of services make it much easier for the customers to file their cases for immigration and get speedy approvals. In the last couple of decades, we have seen a sharp increase in the applications for Australia PR Visa services.

The main reason behind such a sharp increase is the high standard of living, better pay scale and fairly balanced lifestyle. The economic conditions of Australia are favorable and even during the global market fall, the country didn’t face employment problems. Above all, you will enjoy the connection with nature as well which is a necessity to live a healthy lifestyle. Every year thousands of applicants get accepted in Australia for education and employment. While working or getting an education in Australia, you can apply for Permanent Residency and become a citizen of Australia.

There are a lot of benefits attached to having Australian PR. Here are top benefits of Australia PR visa.

  1. Travelling to and from Australia will be easier: Once you become a permanent resident, you get a permanent visa for Australia. Though there is a lock-in period of 5 years when you get PR for the first time and you have to reapply after five years either from outside or while living in Australia but once you go through that, you will be granted a permanent visa for a lifetime and then you can apply for citizenship as well. With a permanent PR visa, you can travel to and from Australia multiple times without any hassle.
  2. Better education opportunities : There are a number of courses which are only available for the permanent residents and those who are on an education visa in the country cannot apply for them. Also, some loan plans are only available for the permanent residents which come in handy in managing the finances required for higher education.
  3. Better job opportunities: Though Public Service or Armed Forces cannot appoint permanent residents and these jobs are only available for Australian Citizens, the industrial laws do not distinguish between permanent residents and citizens. That means you can apply for any job with any company once you have acquired an Australian PR visa.
  4. Australian Social Security: Once you have lived as a permanent resident in Australia for two years you will get all the social security benefits including medical assistance, employment benefits and education benefits that are offered by the Australian Social Security Department.
  5. Medicare: Australian government runs a medical program called Medicare which is a health insurance scheme. It is only available for permanent residents and citizens of Australia. You will get free treatment at public hospitals and subsidy on medicine under this plan.
  6. PR visa for relatives: As a PR visa holder you can sponsor relatives for PR as well. It comes in handy if you get married to someone who is not an Australian or you want to bring your family to Australia. However, it is only possible once you have met certain terms and conditions related to residency. You can take help of your immigration consultant who provides Australia PR Visa services to get the application processed properly.
  7. Children get automatic citizenship: If your kids are born in Australia after you get PR, they automatically get Australian citizenship.

Why Hire Us?

In the last few years, IRA immigration has shown almost a 100% success rate with the Australia PR Visa Services. We have a separate section of experts that exclusively deals with the cases of Australian PR visa. Our experts assess the applications on the following notes:

  • If the application matches the requirements of Australian PR visa or not.
  • What are the shortcomings in the applications if there are any.
  • If it is possible to improve the chances of PR visa or not.
  • If the applicant is financially sound to become an applicant.
  • If there is a job or education opportunity available with the skill set of the applicant.
After assessing the application on the above-mentioned points, the experts at IRA immigration will work on the shortcomings and arrange job or education opportunity in Australia for the applicant.

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