The growing importance of Canada Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada wants to encourage more number of skilled workers to migrate to Canada. They want foreigners who can support the economic growth of Canada. It is for this reason that Canada has introduced an number of programmes for skilled workers who want to migrate to Canada. One such programme is the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs.

Why the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs so important?

  • The Canada Provincial Nominee Programs increase the chances of the skilled worker to get an invitation to apply for the permanent visa.
  • The different provinces in Canada will come with the programme for their province on the basis of the requirement of that province.
  • They will have the skilled workers list based on the requirement of their province
  • The Quebec province is not a part of this programme. It has its own different programme for selecting skilled workers.
  • As per the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs those people are selected who have the education and the skills that are required by that province.
  • The provinces have to sign an agreement with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Understanding the eligibility criteria of the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs:

  • The eligibility criteria of each province will vary.
  • It will depend on the specific requirements of that province.
  • Every province will have its own labour market requirements
  • Based on this the occupation list is prepared.
  • Those candidates are selected who have the required qualifications and experience
  • The main aim of these Canada Provincial Nominee Programs is to select those people who can make significant contribution towards the development of the province.

How can you apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Programs:

  • The candidate can directly apply for the provincial nominee programme of a province. If the candidate fulfils the required criteria then his application is selected and he can apply under the express entry stream for that particular province.
  • The candidate also has the option of creating an express entry profile and then waiting for the province to approach him.

For more details on the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs contact IRA immigration:

  • In order to apply under the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs you need to know the exact requirement of the province.
  • If you want the correct details then you need to contact IRA immigration.
  • IRA immigration has one of the best teams of immigration consultants who know all the precise details about these programmes.
  • They will do an initial evaluation of your profile and will tell you under which provincial nominee programme you must apply.
  • They will also provide tips of how to improve your chances of getting selected and receiving an invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa of Canada.

To improve your chances of migrating to Canada check with IRA immigration about the provincial nominee programme.

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