Temporary Work Short Stay Visa subclass 400

What is a Temporary work short stay Visa subclass 400 ?

This visa will allow you to stay for a short period of 3 to 6 months in Australia and complete a short term specialized work.

What can you do with this Visa?

  • You can stay in Australia for the period of 3 months, which can be extended for 6 months with a strong case
  • You can participate in a specialized event on the basis of an invitation from an Australian organization.
  • Circumstantially, you will be allowed to participate in the work or any cultural or social activity pertaining to Australia’s Interests.
  • If you have included your family in the application, then you will be allowed to bring them to Australia.

We help you to understand terms and conditions.

Our team will help you to understand the terms and conditions associated with the Short Stay Subclass Visa 400. For Instance, you can only make a single entry in Australia. In case, your work requires you to travel to and fro from the country multiple times, please mention that in your application.

Apply now to get your Temporary work short stay Visa subclass 400

Our team of experts is professionally equipped to help you attain the Visa subclass 400. Apply for the visa  well advance of the period you wish to travel. This will allow your application the enough time to process. Our process is quick and affordable and our consultants will help you at every step.

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