Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List

One of the places in Australia, which has requirement for skilled workers is Tasmania. As in the case of other places like New South Wales and Queensland this place too has its own specific skilled occupation list. This list is prepared on the basis of requirement of skilled workers in Tasmania.

Details about the procedure to opt for right occupation:

Every year an updated occupation list is prepared and released by the Tasmanian authorities. This list has the complete details of all the occupations that are needed for the growth and economic development of Tasmania. The list is prepared based on the deficit of skilled professionals in the area.

The person who wants to work in a particular occupation in Tasmania will first have to go through the list and opt for the correct occupation. The occupation that he selects will depend on his educational qualification and skills that he has. He is also expected to have professional experience in the selected occupation.

It is mandatory for the aspirant to submit a skilled assessment report for the selected occupation. The assessment of the skills is done by a particular assessing body. Different assessing bodies or authorities are given the function to assess a particular occupation. For occupations like plumber, cooks, chefs etc the assessment is done by TRA.  In case of software engineers, developers, system administrators etc the analysis is done by ACS.

The different assessing authorities for the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List are VETASSESS, CPAA/ICAA /IPA, Engineers Australia/AIM,TRA,ANMAC,ACWA, ACS, SSSI, AIQS, AVBC, AIMS,AITSL, AIR, ANZSNM, OCANZ, APharmC, ADC,OTC,APC, APodC/ANZPAC,SPA, Medical Board of Australia, ANMAC,SLAA, NAATI,TRA etc.

There may be some occupations and skills for which a person may have to fulfill additional requirements.  It is important that the applicant fulfills all the requirements in order to prevent the rejection of the visa application.

Do I qualify For An Australia PR Visa?

IRA immigration for proper guidance:

The immigration system for Australia is pretty complex but it provides a number of opportunities to the right skilled professionals. But to successfully migrate to Australia the person will have ensure that he completes all the formalities properly. But for this he must have proper knowledge about the formalities.

In order to avoid any confusion it is best to contact our Australian immigration experts at IRA immigration. Our Australian immigration team is well versed with all the legalities and formalities that are involved in the immigration to Australia. If you are a skilled worker and you want to get invited to apply for the visa, then there are a number of formalities that your need to complete. The most important is selecting the right occupation from the skilled occupation list. Then you will have to get the skills assessed by a proper assessing authority.

  • We at IRA immigration can help you in the following aspects:
  • We can provide you with the updated skilled occupation list for Tasmania
  • We can help you in the selection of the correct occupation from this list
  • We can tell you about the assessing authority from where you can get your skills assessed
  • We can tell you about the additional requirements that need to be fulfilled
  • Complete updated procedure can be obtained from our immigration experts.

If you are a skilled worker and want to migrate to Australia then you must consult with our best PR visa consultants at the earliest.

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