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If you are thinking of studying abroad then you must take into consideration Ireland. Many Indian students are moving to Ireland for higher studies. You can connect with us that is IRA immigration if you are looking out for reliable Ireland student visa consultants. This is a safe country for students and hence one can Study in Ireland without being worried about security.

Study in Ireland

The benefits of studying in Ireland:

There are many reasons due to which many students prefer to go to Ireland for further studies. Here are some of the benefits of studying in this amazing country:

  • This island nation of Europe is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and people here are friendly 
  • The education system of Ireland is among the best in the world. There are several top-notch universities in Ireland. Lots of emphasis is given to research and there is a global approach in the education system of the country.
  • This is a small country with a small population and the quality of life is very good
  • This is a safe country for students and hence one can Study in Ireland without being worried about security.
  • One can get several research and career opportunities across the globe one the person completes his education from this wonderful country.
  • This is an English-speaking country and so if you are fluent in English then you will not have a problem in communicating with people in this country.
  • Bachelors’ graduates and up to 2 years Masters graduates are offered one year stay back visas by the Irish government. This allows international students to stay back in the country after completing their education and they can start their career in the country.

Ireland student visa requirements for Indian students:

  • Indian students who want to Study in Ireland will have to apply for the student visa.
  • There are 2 types of visas. If the duration of the study is less than 3 months then you will have to apply for the C study visa. If the duration of the study is more than 3 months then you will have to apply for the D study visa.
  • The applicant must have a valid passport and he will also have to submit passport sized colour photographs. The passport has to be valid for 12 months from the proposed date of your arrival in Ireland.
  • The applicant will have to submit the English language proficiency test score.
  • The applicant will have to pay the visa fee and the receipt will have to be submitted as a proof of payment.
  • The applicant will have to submit proof of funds to prove that the applicant has enough funds to pay for his education in Ireland and to pay for his living expenses in Ireland.
  • If there are any gaps in the education history of the student then proper details about the same will have to be submitted by the student.
  • The applicant will have to give details about the medical insurance.
  • The student may also be requested to submit his biometric information
  • The applicant will have to convince the visa authorities that he will leave the country before the visa expires.
  • The students who are applying for the C visa will have to submit attested copies of application summary sheets and return home journey details
  • The applicant will also have to prove that he has the academic capability to pursue the chosen course.
  • The applicant may have to appear for an interview at the embassy or consulate of Ireland

Connect with IRA immigration for complete details about the Ireland study visa:

You may not have complete information about the Ireland student visa process. You may be confused and will not know how to apply for the visa. In that case you can connect with us at IRA immigration.

IRA immigration is one of the best visa and immigration companies of Delhi. We have successfully helped many students to apply for student visas. If you check our success rate you will get an idea about the quality of our services. Our visa and immigration experts have complete knowledge about the visa process and will provide all the assistance that you need to apply for the visa.

Here is how our Ireland student visa consultants will assist you:

Our visa and immigration experts will check the profile of the student. They will also take into consideration other details like the course that the student wants to pursue in Ireland, duration of the course etc. Based on these details our experts will help the student chose the correct visa category. Our experts will then explain all the formalities and will also help the student complete all the documentation formalities correctly. IRA immigration is one of the most reputed Ireland student visa consultants in India. For complete information about the visa process connect with our visa and immigration team at the earliest. They will provide the best assistance to you.

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