Step By Step Guide For Canada Migration From India.

Step By Step Guide For Canada Migration From India.

The country of Canada ranks among the top ten countries to live in the world. Above all, the excellent living conditions, educational and healthcare systems have long attracted people to migrate to this beautiful country. The Canadian education system is one of the most advanced in educational systems in the world.  Canada has always been welcoming of immigrants and in 2018 they are looking to lure in more professionals with their express entry program.

This year, Canada is giving emphasis to Management professionals, who will get 200 additional CRS points which will boost their chances of qualification.

Step by step guide for Canada migration from India

The Canadian immigration system is renowned for its simplicity and effectiveness. Here is a step by step guide for Canada migration from India.

Generating the Express Entry profile

The express entry profile lists your basic, academic and professional information. You should keep in mind that every information given the profile should be backed up and verifiable through documentation.

Gathering the Documentation.

Documentation is required to validate the information that you have already given in the express entry profile. If you don’t have the documentation to back up your details, the application will get rejected and if you don’t have a valid reason, you will be not allowed to make another application.

Documents for Canada migration from India

  • A verified passport
  • IELTS or TEF language test scores
  • The job offer from a Canadian employer
  • The PNP nomination documents
  • Financial documentation [showing that you can enough funds to take care of yourselves for at least three months]
  • The educational credential assessment report, to ensure that you qualify for the mentioned job.
  • Medical Certificates
  • Police clearance certificates [ based on background check]

Getting the CRS Score

The CRS score is given to each individual express entry profile and based on this score the candidate’s eligibility is calculated.
The main factors which are considered for a Comprehensive Ranking system score are;
  • Your age
  • Your education
  • Your work experience
  • Language ability
  • Family status

An overall CRS score is calculated on the basis of this and is updated in the application. You can always improve your CRS score by updating the express entry profile.

How to improve your CRS score?

Since the competition for Canadian PR is pretty high, it is of utmost importance that you get the most out of your CRS score. It is the most important element for selection.
Here are some of the ways in which you can increase your CRS score;

  • Improve your IELTS score – the IELTS exam can be written more than once if you find yourself having a below par score. There are several professional institutes which provide training for this specific purpose.
  • Improving your Educational Qualification – if you think that an additional diploma or degree will be beneficial to your work, you should take that diploma and add that into your profile to improve your chances of being selected. A master’s degree will get you the most points and chances are that people with a master’s degree are more likely to be selected.
  • Improving your work experience – overall an experience above to 2 years is great, but to improve our chances, take an additional year of experience which will allow you to get a good CRS score.
  • Learn French – after English, French is the most talked language in Canada. So it will a benefit if you are capable of speaking fluently in French

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