South Australia Occupation List 2017

South Australia Occupation List 2017

Working in Australia is something that a skilled professional can achieve because Australia has a number of different visa categories for skilled workers. The main idea is to encourage more number of people with the right skills and the qualifications to move to Australia and work for the development of the economy and progress of Australia.

A few details about the South Australia Occupation list:

Those skilled workers who want to work in South Australia will first have to select the correct occupation from the South Australia Occupation List 2017. The applicant needs to have the correct qualifications and he needs to have the correct skill sets and experience. The applicant will have to get the skills assessed by a proper assessing body. There different assessing bodies for the assessment of different occupations. The different assessing bodies are VETASSESS, CPAA/ICAA /IPA, Engineers Australia/AIM, TRA, ANMAC, ACWA, ACS, SSSI, AIQS, AVBC, AIMS, AITSL, AIR, ANZSNM, OCANZ, APharmC, ADC, OTC, APC, APodC/ANZPAC,SPA, Medical Board of Australia, ANMAC, SLAA, NAATI, TRA etc. The submission of the skills assessment report is mandatory. The applicant is given points based on the skills assessment report. One with better points will naturally have better chances of getting the invitation. It must be noted that each of the category will have some additional requirements that need to be fulfilled. It is also important to make sure if the selected occupation is considered for the visa category that the applicant is selecting.

The different categories of the list:

  • Chief Executives, General Managers & Legislators
  • Farmers and Farm Managers
  • Specialist Managers
  • Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers
  • Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals
  • Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals
  • Education Professionals
  • Health Professionals
  • ICT Professionals
  • Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals
  • Engineering, ICT & Science Technician
  • Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers
  • Construction Trades Workers
  • Electrotechnology & Telecommunications Trades Workers
  • Food Trades Workers
  • Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers
  • Other Technicians & Trades Workers
  • Health & Welfare Support Workers
  • Office Managers & Program Administrators

Each of these categories will further have sub categories. The requirement and assessing bodies for each of the categories will be different. For more details contact IRA immigration:

It must be noted that the list has a long list of occupations. Every occupation has a skills assessment body. It is important that the candidate gets the correct list and gets the information about the assessing body. These details can be obtained from are professional immigration experts. We at IRA immigration can help you in a number of ways:

  • We provide the correct and latest skilled occupation list
  • We can provide the complete list of the assessing authority from where you need to get your skills assessed.
  • We can help you in the selection of the correct visa category and the selection of the correct occupation from the occupation list
  • Complete assistance in the submission of the application

Call us and discuss with our PR visa consultants to get all the assistance regarding visa and immigration to Australia.

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