Separation Declaration For Minors Travelling To Canada

Separation Declaration For Minors Travelling To Canada

Are you divorced and planning to move with your minor kid to Canada? Or you have married again and have plans to move with your spouse and your child from the first marriage to Canada? In that case, you must know the importance of the Separation Declaration for Minors , which is also known as IMM 5604.

What is IMM 5604?

  • In the case of minors who will be travelling to Canada without one of the biological parents then the IMM 5604 is very important.
  • This document has to be signed by the biological parent who is not travelling along with the minor to Canada.
  • This is a mandatory requirement. If the biological parent refuses to sign the same then it is not possible for the minor to travel to Canada. Legal aspects like complete custody of the child will then have to be explored by the parent who wants to take the minor to Canada.

How to understand all the formalities related to IMM 5604?

  • It can be very difficult for the layman to understand all formalities related to the Canada visa and immigration formalities.
  • Especially in the case of legal formalities like IMM 5604 one has to make sure that the necessary formalities are completed correctly
  • If the applicant makes any mistakes or misses out on completing some important procedure then his visa application can get rejected and he will have to then start from scratch. This can be a very frustrating experience. 
  • To avoid such a situation it is better to take advice from professionals who are well-versed with all the different aspects of Canadian visa and immigration.

Here is what the best visa and immigration companies will do!

  • The visa and immigration company will first check the reason for which you are moving to Canada and they will check if there are any dependants whom you intend to take along with you to Canada.
  • In this case, if there is a minor child who is travelling with you then the consent of both the biological parents is needed. If you are the biological parent of the minor and you have separated from your partner and this partner who is also the biological parent of the minor is not travelling along with you then you will have to complete the formalities of IMM 5604. The best Canada immigration company will make sure that they explain all these details to the applicant and will also explain the repercussions in case the formalities are not completed.

Select only reliable Canada Visa consultants:

Your choice of visa experts is very crucial. You have to make sure that you choose only one of the most reputed companies that have a very good track record. Choose a company that has a dedicated team of experts for the Canadian visa application. You must always choose a company that is known to provide only quality service.

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