Right time to settle in Canada on PR Visa!

Right time to settle in Canada on PR Visa!

Looking for a country which will offer you career growth and a quality life? Then looks like you need to explore the possibilities of settling down in Canada. The overall atmosphere of this country is conducive to growth and progress. These days there are a number of employment opportunities in the maple leaf country. The time is right to give Canada a serious thought. Then start checking out the details about Canada PR Visa which will let you stay in Canada for long and this can also be your ticket to becoming a citizen of the country.

The conveniences that this card offers are innumerable:

Reputed agencies like IRA immigration says that one of the most common question that most people who want to travel and work in Canada ask is “Why to opt for a Canada PR Visa?” The answer is simple. This PR visa lets you enjoy so many benefits that you will agree with immigration consultants like IRA that this was the best decision of your life. A visa which lets you work, study and travel in Canada is always a good thing. With an array of medical, healthcare and social benefits this card is truly one of the best things. The Canadian permanent resident is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Now, this is how you go about it!

So all set to apply for the Canada PR Visa! Then first and foremost approach a consultant like IRA immigration and select the correct visa category. Common visa category is the Express entry program for skilled workers. The eligibility points for this program are 415 points. The factors based on which you can score these points include age, qualification, work experience etc. Documents like Eligibility Credential Assessment Report, medical certificate, character certificate, language score which proves your proficiency in the English language are some of the mandatory requirements. Yes, we know this involves a whole lot of paperwork and one needs lots of guidance and perseverance to get a high score in the Express Entry program; because only then your chances of getting the Canada permanent resident visa will be better. But let these small hurdles not deter you from your aim of moving to Canada. You can always consult good immigration consultants of the calibre of IRA immigration which will make your task easy. They will give you all the details and guidance that you will need in completing the application procedure.

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