Regional Sponsored Subclass 187 Visa

Regional Sponsored – Sub Class 187

Australia has a number of visa programs for skilled workers. One such program is the Sub class 187. This program has 3 streams. It is specially designed for skilled workers. Here are more details about this program.

The features of the Sub class 187:

The features of Regional Sponsored sub Class 187 are:

  • This is a permanent resident visa. It lets you stay on permanent basis in Australia.
  • It lets the skilled workers work in regional areas of Australia.
  • It has three streams. These are the Temporary Residence Transition stream, the Direct Entry stream and the Agreement stream.

The eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate must get nomination from an Australian employer in the regional areas of Australia.
  • The candidate’s age has to be less than 50 years in order to apply under Temporary Residence stream
  • The candidate’s age has to be less than 45 years in order to apply under Direct Entry stream
  • The candidate has to have the required qualifications and skills as required by a particular stream
  • The candidate must have command on the English Language.
  • The candidate must fulfil all the other requirements of a particular stream in order to be able to apply under a particular stream
  • The candidate needs to provide a health certificate which shows that the candidate has the best possible health conditions
  • The candidate also needs to submit a character or moral or the police verification certificate which shows that the applicant has a good character.
  • The processing time of the visa will depend on the stream under which the candidate is applying.
  • Those applying under the Temporary Residence Transition stream the processing time can be between 7 months to 10 months
  • Those applying under the Direct Entry stream the processing time can be between 16 months to 18 months
  • As for the Agreement stream the processing time will depend on the authorities. It must be noted that normally less number of applications are received under this scheme and hence one cannot really say much about the processing time.

Details about the different streams:

Temporary Residence Transition stream:

This scheme is for the subclass 457 visa holders who now want to apply for permanent residency. They must have worked for at least 2 out of the three years before he gets the nomination. The nomination has to be given in the same occupation which the 457 visa holder is currently working in. The employer need not have a labor agreement under this scheme.

Direct Entry stream:

Candidates who have been nominated by their employer can apply under this scheme. Those people who have worked for a very short time in Australia are eligible for this scheme. Even those people who have never worked in Australia can apply under this stream. Temporary residents who cannot apply under the Temporary Residence Transition stream can also apply under this scheme of Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa.

Agreement stream:

This scheme is also for subclass 457 visa holders. But here the employer who is nominating the candidate has to do so through a labour agreement

The Benefits of the Sub Class 187 visa:

  • This visa lets the person stay in Australia for as long as he wants
  • The candidate can work and study in Australia with this visa
  • Australia has the Medicare scheme which takes care of the medical expenses and healthcare. The visa holder can apply for this scheme
  • The person can apply for the citizenship of Canada. But for this the candidate needs to fulfill all the other requirements
  • This visa holder can also nominate his relatives, but the relatives need to fulfil all the required eligibility criteria.
  • The visa holder can travel in and out of Australia as many times as he wants for five years. These five years begins from the time the visa is granted.

Some more details about this visa:

A candidate can apply for this visa when he is located in Australia or he is located outside of Australia. In order to apply for the visa when the person is in Australia some other terms and conditions of visa application need to be fulfilled like the applicant needs to have a substantive visa or a bridging visa.

Which employer can nominate a person for this visa?

Skilled workers can be nominated by the following employers:

  • The employer who has an active and legal business in Australia
  • The employer who genuinely needs a paid skilled employee for his company
  • The vacancy has to be for a full time position and at least for a period of five years
  • The employer must be willing to pay salary as per the market standards
  • Compliance with Australian immigration and workplace relations laws is a must
  • There must not be any undesirable information about the employer or his business or any person associated with the employer’s company

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