Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists

Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists

If a skilled worker wants to work in particular regions of Australia then one of the important requirements is the skilled occupation list. Like for an engineer who wants to work in Queensland he will have to select an occupation that is mentioned in the Skilled Occupation list of Queensland.

The procedure for selection of correct occupation:

The authorities in Queensland have prepared a Queensland Skilled Occupation Lists. In this list one will list of different occupations. These are ones which are in demand in Queensland. These are mainly those priority occupations, which will help in the economic development of the Queensland.

The candidate has to select an occupation from this list. While selecting the occupation he has to make sure that he has the required qualifications and skill sets. It should be noted that the skills will be assessed by an assessing authority. There are different official assessing bodies. Each body assess only certain specific occupations. For example the skills assessment of Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic will be done by VETASSESS while dental technician skills assessment is done by TRA. There are some assessment authorities who will do the assessment for both the visa sub classes that is subclass for 190 and subclass 489. In case of certain occupations baker, chef etc certain additional requirements need to be fulfilled.

The different assessing bodies are VETASSESS, CPAA/ICAA /IPA, Engineers Australia/AIM,TRA, ANMAC, ACWA, ACS, SSSI, AIQS, AVBC, AIMS,AITSL, AIR, ANZSNM, OCANZ, APharmC, ADC,OTC,APC, APodC/ANZPAC,SPA, Medical Board of Australia, ANMAC,SLAA, NAATI,TRA etc.

The additional requirements that different occupations demand:

Different occupations in the skilled occupation list will have some additional requirements to be fulfilled. These additional requirements can be divided into three categories:

  • The aspirant must have 3 years of work experience.
  • Of these 3 years the applicant must have worked for 6 months in Queensland
  • The aspirant must have a full time job offer in the selected occupation
  • Some regional areas will require 2 years of experience and of these 2 years the aspirant must have spent 4 months in Queensland
  • The aspirant must have 5 years experience after getting the qualification in the selected occupation
  • The aspirant must have a full time job offer in the selected occupation
  • This category also needs certain ICT skills in relation to cyber security, data scientist, data and business analytics and ICT development and architecture. (The 2017-18 QSOL will also place a specific Queensland ceiling of 200 on nominations for ICT occupations across onshore, alumni and offshore programs
  • The aspirant must have 3 years work experience in the selected occupation
  • The aspirant must have a job offer in the selected occupation

Which requirement category is applicable will depend on the occupation that the aspirant has selected from the skilled occupation list.

IRA immigration for best services:

It can be confusing to understand the correct procedure to apply for a visa so that you can work in Queensland. It is therefore better to seek professional help from our professionals at IRA immigration. This is how we can help you:

  • We can provide you with the correct skilled occupation list
  • We will take into consideration your occupation and skills and help you select the correct occupation from the list
  • Once you have opted for the correct occupation we shall tell you about the assessing body from where you will have to get your skills assessed.
  • We shall update you with the additional details and requirements that you need to have in order to submit your application

If you need to speak to us about a general query fill in the form  and we will call you back within the same working day. For further details get in touch with our visa experts on priority.

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