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Quebec Skilled Workers Programme

For those who have plans to immigration to Canada are surely aware about Quebec. This is the largest Canadian province. Located in East Central Zone of Canada, French language is used predominantly in this Canadian province. With several different industries doing really well in this region, one can be sure of finding lucrative job opportunities. No wonder that the Quebec Immigration or the Quebec Skilled Worker programme is one of the most popular programmes.

What is the Quebec Skilled Workers Programme?

This Immigration to Quebec programme is a provincial nomination immigration programme. This programme allows people from different parts of the world to live and work in Quebec and contribute towards the economic growth and development of Quebec.

Education and work criteria for the Quebec Skilled Workers Programme:

  • The qualification of the applicant must come under the Area of Training list that is AOT of Quebec.
  • The applicant must have an education qualification from a recognised foreign university and this qualification must be equivalent to at least diploma in Quebec.
  • The training diploma must have been awarded within the past five years or the applicant must have at least one year experience in the field which is relevant to the area of training.
  • As for the work experience full time or part time work experience in relevant field or internship or apprenticeship ( these too can be either full time or part time) in the relevant field is a must. Preferably the training or work experience has to be within past 5 years.

Other requirements of Quebec Skilled Workers Programme

  • The applicant’s age has to be 17 years or more
  • English skills have to be at par with CLB 5
  • As for French one must have attained level 7 (advanced intermediate) of the Échelle québécoise des niveaux de compétence en français des personnes immigrantes adults or its equivalent (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • One must have relatives who are Canadian citizens or residents of the Quebec province or one needs to have the offer letter from an employer in Quebec
  • One has to be able to furnish details that he or she has enough funds and can support himself or herself and dependents who are migrating with them for atleast the initial 3 months in Quebec.
  • This is a point based programme. Singles need to score 49 points and couples have to score 57 points. These points are calculated based on different factors like age, education and work experience , language proficiency, area of training, presence of family relation in Quebec, job offer, financial stability, spouse description etc.

The selection process can take about a year’s time. But again this will differ on a case to case basis.

IRA immigration for all Quebec Quebec Skilled Workers Programme queries:

We at IRA immigration who have years of experience in visa and immigration formalities are your trusted solution providers. You need to consult us for the Quebec Skilled immigration worker programme for the following reasons:

  • We have years of experience in visa processing and immigration formalities
  • We can guide you about the details about Area of training and can give valuable advice on how you can opt for the correct AOT from the list.
  • We can provide you a complete list about the approved educational qualification programmes so that you get a fair idea if you have the proper qualification to qualify for the programme
  • We can understand that since this is a point based programme, it is going to be complicated and there will be several crucial factors involved in the point calculation. We at IRA immigration can update you about all the criteria for the point based system and can also advice you on how you can score more points.
  • We can advice you on how you can prove yourself in English and French proficiency
  • If you have plans to apply for the citizenship of Canada we can guide you with that as well.

If you want to stay and work in the largest province in Canada then you must think about applying for Quebec Skilled Workers Programme. This point based programme will offer you with some of the best opportunities in Quebec. For all the details we at IRA immigration will be more than happy to assist you.

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