Proper Understanding Of The Canada CRS Points Calculator Is A Must

Proper Understanding Of The Canada CRS Points Calculator Is A Must

For skilled workers who want to settle down in Canada understanding the point system is very important. The Canada CRS Points Calculator will help you understand the number of points that your profile can score. This will help you to get an idea if you are eligible to apply for the point-based visa categories.

Here are important details about the Canada CRS Points Calculator:

  • You have to first check whether your profile scores at least 67 points in the Canada Immigration Points Calculator. This is the minimum number of points that are needed to be eligible for the point-based express entry system.
  • The points are given based on different aspects. These are the age of the candidate, his education, work experience, English and/or French language proficiency test scores, etc.
  • The candidate has to try and score as many points as possible. For this, the candidate has to focus on aspects like education, language proficiency test score, etc. The candidate has to try and improve his qualifications, work experience, etc so that he can get more points in the express entry system.
  • Based on the number of points the profile of the candidate will be given a ranking. The profiles with better points will have a higher ranking in the express entry pool.
  • The profiles with a higher ranking will have better chances of selection in the express entry draw. The profiles that are selected in the express entry draw are sent an invitation to apply for the Canada PR visa.
  • Once the candidate gets the ITA he has to submit his Canada PR visa application.

The candidate has a chance to score additional points:

There are some aspects in the CRS Calculator where the candidate can score additional points.
  • The express entry candidate can apply for the Provincial Nomination. If he gets the provincial nomination then he will get additional 600 points which will almost ascertain his selection in the draw.
  • The candidate who is proficient in both English, as well as the French language, will also have a chance to score more points.
  • The candidate who has a sibling who is a Canadian PR or Canadian citizen can also get additional points.

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