Processing Time Express Entry 2017

Canada is the most preferred country for immigrants since the policies are friendly and smooth. The country open heartedly invites immigrants to give a chance to them for increasing their already booming economy. The country has been on the top of the choices since it is a well developed country with high employment rate and good living standards. The women are treated equally and with equal respect. Canada has a decent living standard with a good education system. All these factors contribute in making Canada the most preferred country for immigrants.

Canada Express Entry eligibility

The program was formulated to invite more skilled workers in Canada.

The 2017 Canada Express Entry Program Changes

The year 2017 witnessed a lot of changes in the application procedure for the Express Entry Program. The changes have been for the good of the applicants only.

The duration for pr application time limit has been increased from 60 days to 90 days. The second most important change is that the international students studying in Canada have now the option to apply for permanent residence. So if you are a working professional who wants to migrate to Canada, you should be aware of the eligibility criteria for the same.

  1. Work Experience: Minimum one year of full time and consistent work experience is mandatory.
  2. Language Ability: The applicant must obtain at least 6 bands in every English Literacy Test Module for fulfilling the eligibility for immigration to Canada.
  3. Education: In order to be considered for Express Entry, it is necessary to have a Canadian higher secondary education.
  4. Proof of funds: The applicant should have enough funds to show that they can support their family after moving to Canada financially.
  5. Age: Highest points are given for applicants between the age of 18-45 years. Below and above that, the points are negligible.
  6. Minimum points for selection: The Express Entry Program gives points out of 1200. The latest cut off has been decided as 428/1200.

Express Entry Processing Time 2017

The average time taken is usually 6 months to evaluate the immigration application forms. It is tough to wait for six months but that’s how things work. Generally speaking, the application form would be valid till 12 months in the pool of candidates. The profile of the applicant would be studied several times before issuing an ITA.

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