What is the process to Apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India?

What is the process to Apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India?

Canada is a land of opportunities for the right person. A person with the right qualifications can get the best job. A person who wants to study in the best universities can really have great opportunities to do so in Canada. But for moving to Canada from India it is important to apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India. The procedure to do this will vary a bit depending on the visa categories. All the visa categories have some basic criteria that needs to be fulfilled.

The basic criteria that needs to be completed for each of the visa categories:

Those of you who want to apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India need to fulfill these requirements:
  • Submit the language test results
  • Submit the educational credential assessment report
  • Provide proof of funds
  • Submit the original degree and diploma certificates

The visa category is of utmost importance:

One of the most important things in your visa application process is selecting the correct visa category. The visa category that you select will depend on different factors like whether you wish to work in Canada or study in Canada or you want to start a new business etc. The different visa categories are as follows:

The benefits of having a Canada PR visa:

There are a number of benefits that a person can get:
  • Protection from Canadian law
  • Medical and social benefits
  • Work, study and live anywhere in the country
  • Opportunity to apply for the citizenship of Canada
Overall the procedure will be to select the correct visa category. Submit the various documents based on the visa category and apply for the visa. The selection of the correct visa category is crucial and one needs to consider the reasons for which one wants to move to Canada.

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