Why Ontario needs an EOI system for immigration?

Here is some important information for all those aspirants who are planning Ontario immigration. A few changes are being proposed so that it is possible to do away with the current rush seating system.

A new proposal has been given by the Ontario Provincial Nominee ProgramAn Expression of Interest or the EOI system is being proposed. In this system, the scoring system will be considered. This will help the province to get the best immigrants who are suited for the labour market requirement of Ontario.

As of now the Ontario provincial nominee programs that are not associated with the Express Entry system are following the first cum first serve system. In this case, the registration remains open until all the spots are filled. The filling of all the spots can happen in a matter of minutes. In the past, there are instances when all the spots got filled in less than 30 minutes.

There used to be technical difficulties and there were times when deserving candidates could not get a spot due to issues that were not in their control. With the new system, this drawback can get rectified and candidates with better scores will have an opportunity to apply for the spot.

It must be mentioned here that last year Ontario was one of the most preferred destinations for immigration. Last year 13,731 immigrants came to Ontario through the provincial nominee program. This consisted of 7291 principal applicants and their families. In this 51% can through express entry while the remaining came through the base stream which was not based on the EOI system.

Employer Job Offer Category (Foreign Worker; International Student, and In-Demand Skills streams); Masters Graduate; and Ph.D. Graduate are the categories for which the EOI system is being considered.

Ontario PNP follows the draw system for Express-Entry-aligned Human Capital Priorities Stream and they aim to do the same for the remaining streams. Based on the EOI profile the candidate will be given points and then those with higher points will be selected in the draw.

The measures are being taken to ensure that deserving foreign talent gets a chance to fulfil the labour market requirement of the province and at the same time, Canadians have the opportunity to apply for the available jobs. The candidates who are selected in the draw will get an invitation to apply for the provincial nomination of Ontario. Many provinces in Canada are already following the EOI system.

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