Who Qualifies for Canadian Permanent Residence Skilled Worker Immigration?

Canada is a land of opportunities for the candidate who has the right set of skills. For Canadian Permanent Residence, one needs to select the right visa category. One can connect with a good visa and immigration company to get complete details about the Canada PR visa.

Take a look at the eligibility criteria of the Skilled worker immigration programme:

  • IRCC has come up with one of the best Canada PR visa programme for skilled workers. This is the Federal Skilled Worker Programme.
  • This is a point-based programme express entry system where the candidate has to try and score as many points as possible.
  • The points are based on different factors like age of the candidate, work experience, education, English and/or French language skills, etc.
  • The candidate has to focus on factors like education, language skills, etc and he must try and score more points in these factors.
  • The candidate’s express entry profile will be give ranking based on the total number of points scored by the candidate. More the number of points better will be the ranking and better will be the chances of the candidate to get selected in the express entry draw. The express entry draw is held at regular intervals.
  • The candidates who are selected in the express entry draw will receive an Invitation to apply for a permanent residence visa.
  • Once the candidate receives the ITA he has to submit the application form along with all the relevant documents.

The Skilled Worker Immigration programme has a long and complex procedure and one needs to ensure that they complete the process correctly. If the applicant misses out on any step or there are any mistakes in the application then the visa application of the candidate can get rejected.

Complete the process correctly by connecting with the best visa and immigration company:

If you want to complete the process of the point-based Federal Skilled Worker program then you must get in touch with one of the best visa and Immigration companies. In Delhi, IRA immigration is one of the most reliable visas and immigration companies. IRA immigration has successfully helped many candidates to apply for the different Canadian visa programs.

All that you need to do is connect with this best visa and Immigration Company and tell them about your interest in applying for the Skilled Worker program. The experts of IRA immigration will check if you are eligible to apply for this visa category.

If you are eligible then they will tell you about the process and will also help you complete the same in the best possible way. In case you are not eligible then they will tell you what measures you need to take to improve your chances of becoming eligible for this program. IRA immigration is one of the best companies that can help you apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence program. Get in touch with their experts right away and tell them about your requirement and goals right away.

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