Which is the easiest province to immigrate to Canada?

If you are determined to move to Canada then there are many different options. You must explore the option of the Provincial Nominee Programme. There are many different PNP programmes and the requirements are different for different PNP programmes. The best Canada Immigration consultants can help you understand the requirements of the different PNP programmes in the best possible way.

Wondering which provinces are easy to move to Canada?

With so many different PNP programmes it can be very confusing for the candidate to choose the right programme. We are sure every candidate wants easy options. So, here are some of the easiest provinces for Canadian immigration.

  • In the case of Alberta, there is no specific occupation list. For their nominee programme they need skilled professionals from different backgrounds. Express Entry candidates who have an express entry score of 300+ also have a chance to get the Alberta nomination.
  • In the case of the Saskatchewan nominee programme one can get points if they have a family member or cousin living in this province. They have an express entry system and they also have an occupation in demand streams.
  • If you are into information and technology then you must consider Ontario province. Candidates from IT backgrounds have a better chance of getting the provincial nomination of this province.
  • If you have expertise in the French language then you must take into consideration Quebec province.
  • Prince Edward Island has a diverse occupation list and hence people from different domains have a chance to apply for this nomination programme.
  • People from the finance background must try the Nova Scotia nominee programme

Few common steps of applying for the PNP programme:

First, you will have to apply for the PNP nomination of the province where you want to settle If the authorities who are giving the provincial nomination feel that you can contribute to the economic development of the province and that you meet their labour market requirement then they will give you the provincial nomination.

Once you get the provincial nomination then you will have to apply for the

Canada PR visa. You will have to complete all the formalities associated with the Canada PR visa application.

Take assistance from visa and immigration experts:

Many different formalities have to be completed in the case of a Canada visa. If you make any mistakes in the application then the same can get rejected. In the case of rejection, you will have to go through the entire tedious process all over again.

If you do not want to go through all these issues then it is better to connect with the best Canada Immigration consultantsThey will go through your profile and will help you choose the correct category and will help you complete all the formalities properly. One of the best visa and immigration experts is IRA immigration. They have one of the best team of visa consultants for Canadian immigration. IRA immigration is one of the topmost Canada Immigration consultants who will guide all online and offline visa formalities.

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