Which is the best Canada immigration consultancy in India?

An important aspect of immigration to Canada is the permanent residency visa for Canada. There are many aspects that have to be covered. It is, therefore, better to consult one of the best Canada immigration Consultancy.

Why do you need to choose the services of the best Canada immigration consultancy?

You may think that why take the service of an immigration consultancy? Why not just complete the procedure on your own? If you check the process then you will realise why a consultant is important. Here are the steps that you have to follow for applying for the Canada permanent residency visa:

  • First, you have to choose the correct visa category. There are many different visa categories. If you choose the wrong category then your application will not be accepted. It can be very confusing for a layman to choose the correct visa category from the long list.
  • After you have selected the visa category then the next thing is to check the procedure for that visa category. For example, a skilled worker will opt for the Federal Skilled Worker Programme. This is a point-based programme. It is based on the Express entry system.
  • The applicant will have to create an express entry profile. The profile will get points based on different aspects. The profile will have to be ranked based on the points. Candidates whose profile has a higher ranking will have better chances of getting selected in the express entry draw. The selected candidates will get an invitation to apply for the PR visa. The applicant then has to submit his application form.
  • Similarly, the other visa categories will also have their own specific processes that have to be completed. One mistake and the application form can get rejected.
  • Remember that if your application form is rejected then there are no shortcuts to reapply for the visa. You will have to follow the entire tedious process all over again.

Avoid hassles by selecting the best Canada immigration consultancy:

  • When there is a good immigration consultancy to guide you then you have nothing to worry about. This is because this agency will make sure that they provide all the assistance that the applicant needs.
  • They will tell about the documents that have to be submitted. They will also tell about the process that has to be followed. They will also give information about all other details like the non-refundable visa application fees etc.
  • The best consultants will not just give you the details. They will also help you in completing the procedure. This will help the candidate to complete the formalities correctly. As a result, the chances of rejection of the application form will be less.

There is nothing to worry if you have IRA immigration consultancy as your service provider:

Here the choice of the service provider is very crucial. Only if you have hired the best service provider then you can get the best service. One immigration consultant that has been providing the best service from the past many years is IRA immigration. 

They have one of the best Canada immigration consultants team who have complete knowledge about different types of Canada visas. These immigration experts will provide the required guidance to the applicant. It must be noted that IRA immigration has a very high success rate. They have successfully helped many people to apply for Canada immigration. IRA has its corporate office in Janakpuri and they have their branch office in Nehru Place. They have a dedicated team of immigration consultants in Nehru Place for Canada immigration at both these places. They provide the best visa and immigration services and will assist you with all the visa application formalities.

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