What is the difference between Academic and General IELTS?

Difference between Academic & General IELTS

We all know about the IELTS exam. But do we know there are a lot of categories in? We are sure, most of you are not known of this. Although few of you know about it, you need to have such knowledge with you; especially if you are planning to move abroad; like US, UK or Canada. And for your knowledge, if you’re moving to Canada with a PR visa -IELTS for Canada PR is a must. And today, you’ll get all the information here. From what is what IELTS is needed for Abroad to the difference between Academic and general IELTS. Everything.

Which IELTS is tough General or Academic?

General IELTS refers to a kind of IELTS test that strengthens you or helps you to prove that you have enough practical and day-to-day English language skills to adjust yourself abroad; mainly in European countries. Therefore, the difference between Academic & General IELTS is, IELTS General Training estimates the English language proficiency level in the context of day-to-day and practical activities. The tests & works mirror both workplace and various situations.

In contrary to the general IELTS training, academic IELTS is also referred to as a kind of IELTS test that measures your English-language proficiency at a very higher academic level to estimate and examine whether you are eligible to study at an undergraduate or post graduate level program abroad or work there at the prestigious professional levels or not.

Although both the General & Academic IELTS are near to each other, the academic IELTS test, however, is said to be a little difficult as it is specifically designed for students who want to have access to elite professional courses like- Medical, Engineering and others. Apparently, this is the difference between Academic & General IELTS. This being said, the Academic IELTS test is more difficult than the General one.

What are the 4 parts of IELTS

The entire IELTS exam is divided into 4 modules/parts and two methods using which an aspirant can give an exam. One mode is computer-based and the other one is in-person.

Coming to the parts of IELTS again, the IELTS has four parts- Listening, Reading, writing speaking. And each has its value. A candidate has to secure at least 6.0 in each part to be considered eligible in language proficiency testing to go or study abroad.

The listening part contains 40 questions ( 30 minutes ) reading contains 40 questions (60 minutes) writing contains 2 questions ( 60 minutes) and speaking contains 3 topics ( 10-15 minutes).

Are there different levels of IELTS?

Yes, the scoring for IELTS gets done on different levels known as bands. And these bands work as measuring parameters; in each part of IELTS, the bands are given according to the levels. One has a score of a minimum of 6.0 bands in each part and 7.5 overall to pass the IELTS examination. Therefore, you have to make sure that you get good bands in each level and to achieve the target of 7.5 IELTS score overall. If you get failed in scoring a good no. of bands in each level you’ll again sit for the exam to pass the IELTS and get your language proficiency certificate.

What is GT IELTS?

GT IELTS or General IELTS is a Training test that examines a candidate’s level for English language proficiency in very viable & daily circumstances. People take IELTS General Training it accomplishes the study or get training in secondary education at a college (that is school level) or migrate to abroad or an English-speaking nation. Meanwhile, the embassy of hose English-speaking countries asks for the IELTS it considers your request or permits you to that particular Nation for work, study or immigration.

The General IELTS exam is designed as most of the people were seeking f different option rather than the IELTS academic exam which is comparatively more difficult than the IELTS general test. As an academic, the general IELTS too has 4 modules in it – Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. The general IELTS is accepted in counties like Switzerland and Canada for both work & study & migration. Most people opt for General IELTS for Canada PR visa and even in other immigration options.

Which IELTS for Canada PR?

You’ll find a lot among you who are interested to study, nourishing a career and even working in Canada, those people always try to get an even mostly probably at least considered the process of obtaining a  permanent residency there. But for a permanent residency, first, you have to give proof that you are eligible to adjust to Canada and can easily adapt to the culture and most importantly, language. To support your language proficiency, you have to get an IELTS for Canada PR.

It’s almost sure that for a Canadian visa through PR or any other option, you will have to show your English speaking abilities as per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Act.

And for that, you have to get an IELTS certificate. Mostly, general IELTS is for the Canada PR; it is accepted.

Summing up

 IELTS is the most popular and the oldest language proficiency exam to work, study or immigration to English Speaking Nations. It is accepted wide world. Although there are a few other tests, none has as worthy as the IELTS. It is globally the most famous test in measuring English language tests. Over the last year, the data shows that nearly three million people have undergone this test to immigrate English-Speaking Nations. Therefore, if you are into immigrating to abroad, you should also take this. Lastly, the most preferred IELTS for Canada PR is IELTS General.

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