What happens after Express entry is approved?

The express entry system is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to move into Canada. Canada express entry is a system, which is appreciated by most immigrants. If your application gets approved, you will be getting a confirmation of permanent residence and a permanent resident Visa.

If your confirmation of permanent residence comes, it will have the information about who you are and your photograph. Make sure that all the information, which is sent out to you, is correct, and should be the same as the information, which is given out on your passport. 

If you are in Canada

If you are already in Canada, the government to tell you about the further steps will contact you. You will be needed for a short interview with an officer. For your interview, you would need to make an appointment at one of the offices in Canada or you would need to go to a Canadian port of entry and present that you have the funds to support yourself in Canada and you need to show your confirmation of permanent residence.

What will happen during the interview?

During your interview, the officer will make sure that all of your documents are valid; they will ask you a few questions and make sure that all the terms, which are required to immigrate to Canada, are met and they will confirm your Canadian mailing address.

If you are outside Canada

You can use Priya rival services, which will help you to find out more about living and working in Canada. You need to take steps to get recognition in Canada for your professional license and your education. You can also read about living in finding work in Canada.

Now that all of this is cleared, what happens when you arrive in Canada?

When you arrive in Canada, you need to submit your travel and contact information, your quarantine plan, and also your Covid 19 symptoms and persistent reports. You must have your valid passport, travel documents, your confirmation of permanent residence, approve that you have the funds to support yourself in Canada, and make sure that your passport must be a regular private citizen passport.

When you come to Canada, you will meet an officer from the services. This officer will make sure that you are entering Canada before the expiry date, which is given out on your confirmation of permanent residence. He will also make sure that you are the same person who has received this visa. He will see your passport and all your travel documents. They will also tend to ask you a few questions.

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