Want to settle in Alberta? Then check the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Those of you who want to get permanent residency in Alberta province of Canada must consider the option of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. There are different streams and one needs to select one for which they are eligible.

An overview of the nominee programme of Alberta:

  • The programme is run jointly by the Government of Alberta and Canada.
  • The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has been designed to fulfil the labour market requirement of Alberta.
  • The candidate must have the skills, qualification, and experience as per the labour market requirement of this province. Or they must intend to start a business in Alberta or buy an existing business in Alberta.
  • The candidate must be able to provide financial support to his dependents.
  • The candidate will first have to apply for the Alberta nomination. If the government of Alberta finds the applicant suitable for their province then the candidate will be granted nomination.
  • Once the candidate gets the nomination then he can apply for a permanent resident visa of Canada. The IRCC will decide about the PR visa for the candidate.

Take a look at the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program streams:

  • For workers, there are 2 streams. These are the Alberta Opportunity Stream and the Alberta Express Entry Stream.
  • For entrepreneurs who want to stay in Alberta and start a business in Alberta or buy a business in Alberta, there are 2 streams. These are International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and the Self-Employed Farmer Stream.

The candidate will have to check the eligibility criteria and then select the stream accordingly.

How the best visa and immigration agency can assist you?

  • It is always better to apply for the Nominee programmes with the help of a good and experienced visa and immigration company. This is because these experts will be able to tell you for which stream you are eligible. They will not only explain the process to you but they will also make sure that they provide the best guidance to you.
  • The expert will check all the details of the aspirant. That his qualification, work experience, etc. The expert will also check the reason for which the candidate wants to move to Canada.
  • Next, the expert will check for which PR visa programme the candidate is eligible for.
  • The visa expert will help the candidate select the correct visa category and will also explain all the details to the candidate and will help him complete the procedure correctly

This why aspirants choose IRA immigration:

For Canada visas, IRA immigration in Delhi is one of the best visa and Immigration Company. They have a very high success rate and have a dedicated team of immigration consultants for Canadian immigration. IRA immigration has successfully helped many candidates apply for different types of Canada visas. If you are interested in knowing the complete and correct details of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program then get in touch with IRA immigration now. Tell them about your goals and they will help you in your dream of moving to Canada.

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