What are the different services offered by immigration consultancy in Nehru Place?

Whether one wants to move to a foreign country for good or wants to visit foreign land as a tourist the person will have to apply for the visa. It is always better to contact a good visa and immigration consultancy when it comes to applying for the visa. There are many immigration companies in Delhi. You will find that the best Immigration Consultancy in Nehru Place and Janakpuri in Delhi is IRA immigration.

A look at the services offered by IRA immigration consultancy in Nehru Place!

IRA immigration is known to offer many services. Here is the list of services that are offered by the best Immigration Consultancy in Nehru Place.

  • You can approach the immigration company if you want to visit a foreign country for a vacation or you want to visit your near and dear ones who are living in a foreign country. The experts of IRA immigration will give you the details about the tourist visa for different countries like Australia, Canada, the US, UK, Germany, etc.
  • If you are making plans to migrate to a different country in that case you can approach the immigration specialist for details about the permanent resident visa. For example, if you want to migrate to Canada then the first of the immigration consultants will help you select the correct visa category. Then next the experts will tell you about the procedure that you need to follow to apply for that particular visa category.
  • The best visa consultants like IRA immigration will also tell the applicant details about the documents that have to be submitted. The experts will give details about how to procure and submit important documents like the Education Credential Assessment certificate, police verification certificate, etc.
  • The experts will also guide the different aspects of IELTS exams. They will tell the candidate how to appear for the exam and how to try and score better scores in these exams.

This is how IRA immigration will assist you:

  • IRA immigration will first study the profile of the client. The immigration consultants will try and understand the reasons due to which the candidate wants to migrate abroad.
  • Based on the details of the profile the experts will tell the candidate about the visa category that he needs to select. The candidate will also be advised about the procedure that needs to be followed to apply for the visa 
  • The immigration and visa experts of IRA immigration will also help the candidates in understanding the process for the procurement of the different documents.
  • The experts will help the candidates in all the online and offline activities.

If you have plans to move to a different country or visiting a foreign country on your vacation then you must contact IRA immigration at the earliest. They will help you understand the entire process of applying for a visa for different countries. IRA immigration is one of the most reputed immigration consultancies in Nehru Place.

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