Quebec education ministry launches campaign to recruit foreign teachers

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Quebec has started a new online website. The objective of this website is to give information about teacher training to Canadians as well as to foreigners. The authorities are doing this to encourage Quebec Immigration.

Even those foreigners who are not teachers in their own country are being given information about how they can become teachers in Quebec. Quebec’s Minister of Education and Higher Education Jean-François Roberge made the announcement about the website on January 22nd, 2020.

Section Devenirenseignant” (Becoming a Teacher) has been integrated into the main website. This section is for all those immigrants, professionals, etc who want a career change.

This section gives information about the teaching profession, details about the duties of teachers, information about how to get a teacher’s license, information about how to find a teaching job in Quebec and other practical information.

Those people who want to immigrate to Quebec and teach here will get details about the application process and the internationally recognised teaching programmes. It must be noted that currently there are very good prospects for teachers in Quebec. So, all those people who want to take up the teaching profession after migrating to Quebec must surely take advantage of this situation. They must refer to the new website to get all the details about teaching in Quebec.

The best part is that even those immigrants who are not teachers can explore the option of becoming a teacher in Quebec. Currently, schools in Quebec have a shortage of teachers. So, all those foreigners who have the right education and have a knack to teach can always look forward to taking up the teaching profession in Quebec.

If you are keen to take up teaching or any other profession in Quebec then you must check the details of the Quebec skilled workers programmeThis programme has been formed keeping in mind the labour requirements of Quebec.

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