Latest guidelines for Canada permanent residence applicants

Latest guidelines for Canada Immigration

It can be a tough task for people who want to apply for a permanent residence visa for Canada in these times of pandemic. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have issued guidelines for Canada permanent residence applicants.

  • The receipt of applications for the Canada permanent resident visa will continue
  • Files that are incomplete because of incomplete documentation will be retained and reviewed within 90 days.
  • New applications that are complete will be processed as per the normal procedure
  • New applications that do not have complete documentation will have to attach an explanation referencing service interruptions due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions. Submitting the explanation is important and may result in the application being promoted and reviewed within 90 days.
  • If the applicant fails to explain the reason for the incomplete application or if the reason for the failure to complete the documentation is not related to the pandemic then there are chances that the application will get rejected.
  • The applications of the principal applicant who is in Canada and his dependants are abroad will be processed. But there will be a delay in the processing of the application. But the principal applicant should not be granted permanent residence if their dependents who are abroad are unable to travel.

These and many other guidelines have been issued. There are guidelines for approved CoPRs and PRVs as well as for the reopening of applications. For the reopening of applications the applicant has to inform IRCC via the Web that they can travel so that the application can be reopened by the IRCC.

If the 60-day waiting period is over and the applicant has still not informed IRCC that they can travel, a note must be added to the application for consideration after an additional 60 days. The IRCC has introduced a variety of special policy measures and increased flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic to accommodate as many foreign nationals as possible.

If you need more information about the new measures and guidelines then it is better to connect with Canada Immigration consultants. This is because it can be very confusing for the applicant to know the correct guidelines and what measures have to be taken.

But for all this one needs to ensure that they connect with only the best immigration experts. IRA immigration is one such immigration company that you can trust. They have immigration experts who are well versed with all the procedures for Canada immigration.

Even when it comes to the new guidelines you can rely on IRA immigration. Therefore, if you are thinking of applying for the Canada permanent residence visa for Canada then you can check with IRA immigration. Their experts will explain the new rules and regulations and they will also help you complete the application process in the best possible way. It is possible to apply for the Canada permanent residence during the pandemic but you need to follow the new guidelines for the same. For more information get in touch with immigration experts who will explain the details.

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