Know about the Age limit for immigration Canada from India before applying

Planning to apply for the Canada PR visa?  There are different visa categories and each category has its own requirements. One of the important factors in most of the Canada visa categories is the age aspect. It is important that you know the age limit for immigration to Canada from India before you plan to apply for the PR visa.

So is there an age limit for applying for the Canada PR visa?

  • As such there is no reference of age breaking point on the authorised website of the Canadian Government. But that does not mean that you can apply for PR visa at any age.
  • Keep in mind that as your age increases you will not be in a position to fulfill the requirement of minimum 67 points to be eligible for the express entry programme.
  • It must be noted that candidates above the age of 46 years will not get any points for the age criteria. Therefore if you have plans of moving to Canada for good then it is better that you start planning for the same at the earliest.
  • The ideal age to apply will be under 35 years. As at this age the applicant can score the maximum points that is 12 points in the age category.
  • Above the age of 40 years the points will begin to decrease and beyond 46 years you will not get any points in the age category.

Already 40 years? Then how can you apply for the PR visa for Canada?

Now that you know the age limit for Canada immigration some of you who have crossed 40 may wonder how you can apply for the Canada permanent resident visa.

Applicants who are 40 years and above may take into consideration different provincial nominee programmes. But for this again the candidate will have to fulfil the labour market requirement of the province.

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