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If travelling abroad is on your mind, hiring a visa consultant is the wisest thing to do. It might seem that consultancy services can be highly unaffordable. Some may not even feel the need to consult a visa expert, believing that they “know it all” when it comes to applying for a visa.

The reality can be far from true because visa application can indeed be more difficult than what it seems to be. A simple task like form-filling involves extreme caution and 100% accuracy. Any discrepancy, unintentional or otherwise, can result in rejection of application.

Therefore, the need for experts in the field arises, namely visa consultants. IRA immigration can provide expert consultants to facilitate visa processes for several countries. Here’s an insight into the various services offered by our Janakpuri immigration consultants.

How Can Our Janakpuri Visa Consultants Help?

There are a number of essential services which our staff will happily provide to our clients to make the visa application procedures simpler for them –

  • Determine the success chances of visa approval for the client – No visa consultant can guarantee a 100% success rate in this regard. Visa processing, approval and rejection are the discretion of the respective immigration authorities. However, a thorough professional must try his best to ensure that his client’s visa gets approved. For this, he can lend a professional eye to your application, ensuring that all is in correct order.
  • Help ready the client to face visa interviews – Visa consultants are well-acquainted with the interview pattern and type of questions asked by different immigration officers. Taking help from them can present a better picture of what the interview process looks like and may also increase your chances at cracking it through.
  • Help provide updated details on the various parts of a visa application – These may include information regarding sponsorship of family members, the inclusion of family members on the same application, required formalities for temporary and permanent residency, student immigration, work visa, spouse/dependant visa, etc.
  • Help re-present your case in case of rejection – If your initial visa application gets rejected by the visa authorities for any reason, only a consultant can help correctly assess the possible reasons and work on the same. IRA Janakpuri immigration consultants will also be able to help you re-apply after making the necessary changes.
  • Insurance against any possible financial loss to the client – Members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) are required by the regulatory body to seek omission insurance. This is a means of protection to the clients against any unfavourable action on part of their visa consultants, which may cause serious financial loss to the former.

Any mistake made by the consultant (even unintentionally) can sometimes prove fatal to the client’s fate at immigration. As a result, this insurance facility is offered by the consultants, empowering their clients to seek insurance in case of any loss.

Hire IRA Visa Consultants for All Your Visa Needs

The expert consultants at IRA Immigration are equipped with all the necessary educational skills as well as sufficient work experience to handle all kinds of visa requirements of clients. Depending on their exact need and the immigration program they’re applying for, we decide on assigning a particular consultant to a client. That consultant is an expert in the specific domain, familiar with the latest information and updates on visa application procedures and processing requirements. We ensure that our clients get only the best. Therefore, all of our Janakpuri immigration consultants offer all of the above services and even more to ensure that their clients stand the maximum chance at visa approval.

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