Is there any change in Canada Immigration?

Many formalities have to be completed in the case of the Canada Immigration process. Overall the immigration process is a pretty straightforward one but the pandemic has forced the Canadian authorities to make changes in the immigration policy.

Currently, aspirants will have to wait for a while:

The third wave of the pandemic has slowed down things in Canada and a lockdown had to be imposed in some of the provinces in Canada. There are travel restrictions and non-essential travel is not being allowed as of now.

However, Canada has very aggressively started their vaccination campaign and due to this hopefully, things might come back to normal. There are chances that the government might ease down the border restrictions for fully vaccinated citizens and residents in July. But for others, they will have to wait and keep a tab of the Canada Immigration News to understand when the immigration will resume again.

One needs to keep in mind that Canada has plans to issue PR visas to a large number of skilled foreign workers as the Canadian authorities have set very high immigration targets this year. So, naturally, even the Canadian authorities are keen to start issuing the PR visas at the earliest.

Focus on the Canada PR requirement now!

The Canadian government is taking many measures to ensure that they can get the pandemic situation under control and open the borders at the earliest. In the meanwhile, those of you who are keen to move to Canada can start checking the details of Canada PR requirements.

There are many different visa categories and one will have to check for which visa category he is eligible for. Keep in mind that choosing the correct visa category is very important. If you choose the wrong visa category then your visa application can get rejected.

Once you have selected the visa category then you have to understand all the formalities that are associated with that visa category. One will also have to check the details about the documents that have to be submitted. Normally the candidate will have to submit documents like a language proficiency certificate, proof of funds, education certificate, employment details, medical certificate, police verification certificate etc. The candidate will have to submit all the documents that are requested by the visa authorities.

Take assistance from a Canada visa and immigration expert:

Due to the pandemic, policy changes are inevitable. But it is important that you are aware of the changes and you keep yourself updated with the latest details about Canada immigration. 

It is, therefore, better if you get in touch with one of the best visa and immigration companies that is known to provide the best service. The expert will check all the details and will explain the process to the candidate. One of the best visa and immigration companies is IRA immigration. The immigration experts of this company keep themselves updated with all the information about the Canada immigration rules and policies. If you want to get authentic information about the Canada Immigration process then connect with IRA immigration right away.

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